Karma - Gitcoin DAO collaboration

We are excited to formally announce our collaboration with the GitcoinDAO. Gitcoin has started using Karma’s reputation system to power their Steward health cards - a tool that provides valuable metrics for their stewards and improve the transparency and accountability of the steward’s work.

We made some major enhancements to our reputation system to aggregate and curate contributor activity at a more granular level. Some of the data points we curate include

  • Snapshot voting stats
  • On-chain voting stats
  • Proposals created and discussed by Stewards on the forum
  • Posts created and discussed by Stewards on the forum

Stewards and other token holders can now look at the recent 30 day activity and the lifetime activity. Some of the benefits of these stats include helping token holders (re)delegate their tokens to most active stewards and stewards stay more engaged and maintain a good reputation.

This was a huge engineering effort and we are excited to announce these features are now available for all the DAOs we have integrated and will integrate in the future!

One of the benefits of using Karma’s reputation system is that DAOs can choose to customize the contributor reputation logic for their DAO. Gitcoin’s steward health card utilizes this feature by consuming Karma’s aggregated contributor data and calculating a health score unique to their DAO. You can see the custom health score calculation here. You can find all the stewards on both Karma leaderboard and Gitcoin health cards.

We are honored to be able to collaborate with one of the largest DAOs in the ecosystem and help them solve this problem. We are excited to continue our collaboration and release more exciting features in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

If you are a DAO core team or a contributor interested in reputation for your DAO, please reach out to us hello@showkarma.xyz or DM on Twitter.

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