Karma governance forum plugin supported by ENS DAO grant

Distinguishing signal from noise in DAO governance forums can be difficult for even the most active contributors. A useful data point when considering a post in a governance forum is the delegated voting power a particular poster holds.

It is accepted that the top (~30) Delegates have limited time and attention to direct towards building the necessary context to be able to follow threads on proposal discussions. In the ENS forum for example, posts can have in excess of 50 comments. Adding more data/information about forum participants, such as delegated voting weight can help Delegates distinguish sentiment based on token weight, as well as taking forum posts at face value.

Thanks to the grant from ENS DAO, we have built a Discourse forum plugin that will provide the reader additional context about the user who is posting/replying in the threads. This plugin can be installed by any DAO that uses Discourse for their governance forum.

  • Total votes delegated to them (One signal to indicate their incentives in the DAO)
  • Their snapshot and on-chain voting stats (Shows how active are they really in governance)
  • Their Karma reputation score

The reader can decide for themselves how much weight they want to give someone’s comment in the forum.

The plugin is already live on ENS Forum!

The code is open source and can be found on Github.

We are already working with a number of DAOs helping them install this plugin. If you are a DAO using Discourse forum for governance, reach out to us at hello@showkarma.xyz and DM on Twitter.

We would like to thank ENS DAO for the grant and Alisha, Nick and Coltron from ENS DAO for their support and feedback in building this plugin.

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