Shroomiez NFTnomics: to Fairly and Effectively Steer the Shroomieverse

Before we dive deep into the Shroomiez NFTnomics, a few words:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Curve, and a few NFT communities, have each brought to the world an innovative way to align incentives between network participants.

Without diving too much into how they did it, one thing they all have in common is what we call a “cryptographically verifiable consensus layer”.

In simpler words, participants of each one of those networks/projects/however you wanna call them all want the same thing: be able to verify on-chain how the project works, what the teams execute/try to push, and ensure rewards (and/or treasuries) are fairly distributed(and/or managed).

Fair NFT Distribution to ensure Durable Incentive Alignment (“DIA”).

First of all, let’s not confuse DIA with any other 3 letter thingy because that’s absolutely not what we want here. More than anything, this is a Social Coordination Experiment to achieve a Collective Wisdom Platform.

Durable Incentive Alignment simply means aligning interests between ecosystem participants, and making one the whole.

“Still, WTF DoEs tHaT meAn?”

A quick insight into what alignment means for Shroomiez:

  1. Imagine if content creators created content exclusively to give value to their audience. Imagine videos, memes and threads explaining:

    - On/off-ramping with different providers

    - Using non-custodial wallets and the different options available, with their pros & cons

    - How to use dApps, why use them and which ones to use

    - Which NFT communities are thriving, why, and what value do they offer to their holders

    These are just some of the many valuable topics which content creators can touch upon.

    The point is, properly rewarding the content creators who contribute to the Web3 ecosystem by teaching the what, how and why to new entrants, is of essential matter.

  2. Now take the suppliers of that precious material which content creators mold into their unique pieces. Who should those suppliers be and why should they actively participate?

    In the Shroomieverse, the case for having Web3 OGs become the suppliers of information for new entrants has never been stronger, yet it is valid as long as there is a transparent and cryptographically-secure way of handling the decision making process of the information distribution.

    They are the true keepers and knowers of Web3 knowledge. Those who have been rugged on the too-many-to-be-mentioned seemingly great DeFi projects, from the most fruit-themed and esteemed to the most audited ones, and especially NFT hard-rug survivors. They are the most well informed and better suited to guide our fellow new entrants into this technically-scary yet essential digital world.

    Obviously, to align incentives, there needs to be a reward system which ensures these courageous souls who dedicate their time to the greater mission also get monetarily rewarded for their purposeful actions. Here is where the Shroomiez thicc liquidity comes in handy. 

  3. We are now at the third and last, yet essential, pillar of the Shroomieverse: Audiences.

    Anyone, from individuals to organizations of all kinds, with an audience of any kind, has the power to generate some sort of impact through what they share with their audience.

    What if there was an incentive for anyone with an audience to share valuable Web3 knowledge with their audiences? 

    Imagine if they could seamlessly navigate the Shroomieverse and select the content they would like to share with their audience, receive a personal link which traces their clicks’ interactions, and be rewarded with a fair share of SHROOMIEZ-ETH LP tokens (proportionate to their clicks activity in relation to the total), which of course can be easily swapped for sweet sweet ETH via Caviar, for example.

    Every month, after thorough discussion on Discord, Shroomiez holders will get to vote via Snapshot on what NFTs, dApps and Wallets should be featured on the Shroomieverse. If their vote is amongst the majority’s vote, they receive a share of the monthly reward pool proportional to their vote, and if they vote wrongly, who knows, maybe they get slashed. That is going to be for Shroomiez holders to decide once they mint out and Snapshot voting goes live.

    90% of the NFTs (and the consequent Governance Voting Power) to the Community - Say What?

    Yeah, just check the chart (and the chain).

Thicc Liquidity (SHROOMIEZ-ETH LP): 5% (33) to start with

We (as the initial supporting team of Shroomiez) suggest that the DAO purchase 5% of the Shroomiez NFT supply from secondary markets after the mint is successfully concluded. This will allow anyone who minted a Shroomiez to exchange it for someone else’s Shroomiez, as well as eliminate weak hands of course. The ETH side of the LP will be provided by the DAO from the Multisig treasury containing ETH raised from the mint.

The DAO will be able to vote on increasing the LP, which should be managed in a way to ensure SHROOMIEZ-ETH LP token rewards are always sufficient to cover DIA rewards.

Team: 5% (30 Shroomiez)

The team will have it’s 30 Shroomiez allocated in a multisig for the first 90 days, just in the unlikely yet unpredictable occurrence that some Shroomiez are naughty and try to game the system, which we are keeping as open and transparent as possible for the sake of effective (gradual) decentralization. 

As mentioned in Thicc liquidity & an ample network, “if after a certain period (<30 days) the Shroomiez/ETH LP hasn’t reached 5% of the Shroomiez supply, the 30 Shroomiez reserved for the team … will be used for LPing, with the corresponding ETH side of the LP being funded by the Shroomiez Treasury. That leaves the chance of the team remaining without pre-allocated Shroomiez, which is cool because at least they can all pick their favorite one from the weak hands.”

Ahh, what do we owe to our beloved Shroom Knights and valiant Queens.

Multi-sig, yeah?

Of course, Multi-sig. Ensuring Shroomiez treasury assets are kept safe and efficiently deployed will be a priority. Public figures and respected members of partner communities will be elected to join the 3-of-5 Gnosis Multisig in the coming weeks.

What else to expect?

Expect to see more announcements with your favorite NFTfi projects and communities in the upcoming weeks, as we slowly crawl towards the yet unannounced Shroomiez Mint date (which will be in August, maybe).

Ahhh another collectible. Yes, indeed. We are almost done, don’t worry; your efforts will be highly rewarded. Hint hint: you *maybe* won’t need to fight (although we value noble-cause fights) to obtain the Keys to the Shroomieverse
Ahhh another collectible. Yes, indeed. We are almost done, don’t worry; your efforts will be highly rewarded. Hint hint: you *maybe* won’t need to fight (although we value noble-cause fights) to obtain the Keys to the Shroomieverse
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