Thicc Liquidity and an Ample Network

We have seen by now how realistic (and important) it is to obtain a liquid market for an NFT collection, with Beras, Miladys and The Honey Jar NFTs shining amongst the crowd.

NFTfi protocols such as Caviar, Sudoswap and Llamalend have paved the way for NFT projects and their communities to create/contribute to NFT lending pools.

As the Beras pointed out in their BeraFi: Bong Bears x NFTfi, “Good collateral needs the following qualities (according to Nasdaq): Good-quality collateral has the four characteristics of:

(i) having an easily ascertainable value that is sufficient to cover the loans that it is securing; 

(ii) retaining its value through the entire period of the loan; 

(iii) being readily for foreclosure or of having its ownership easily transferred; and 

(iv) being liquid.”

This brings us back to the second premise briefly announced in our previous article A Fair Shroomlist to Bridge the Gap: Millions of normies would like to join the Web3 space, but they lack proper knowledge, conviction and/or security.

Could a combination of easily digestible, accurate knowledge, socially and cryptographically secured trust, backed by a layer of Intrinsic Value (liquid-backing) be the solution to their (and our) problems?

Shroomiez believe so.

Gud Traits = Thicc Liquidity Left Pillar

To ensure Thicc liquidity for Shroomiez, traits have been selected in a way that each Shroomiez is unique in its own way, balancing the quantity of rare traits with common ones while maximizing the visually appealing value of each trait. This will enable Shroomiez to have very deep liquidity. An article which dives deep into the Shroomiez art generation and trait selection process is coming out soon. 

This also means Shroomiez holders can more easily and happily swap their Shroomiez with no friction, especially after the mint.

Proper NFTfi Utilization = Thicc Liquidity Right Pillar

To make it work, an NFT project can’t simply hope that NFT traders will provide liquidity to their own collections’ NFTs. Providing liquidity (LPing) on DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges) already requires significant efforts and layers of (token) incentives from DeFi projects, so clearly NFT LPing requires the same amount of effort (and resources).

s previously mentioned, Beras and Miladys have shown us the light on how to do it effectively. From the traits (or lack of) to the bootstrapping of the LPs, the trend is finally clear (and well functional!).

So what is Shroomiez going to do?

Shroomiez is committing to allocating at least 5% of supply (33 Shroomiez NFTs) and their respective ETH value in a Caviar Shroomiez/ETH LP right after launch.

Once the Third Gate closes and the mint is over, Shroomiez will use its multisig treasury containing the mint funds to start purchasing 5% of the Shroomiez supply on secondary markets. *This will not be an opportunity to sell us your newly-minted NFTs at a higher price. We will reserve the right to withhold the purchase until the real weak hands really want to sell.

We also have a safety mechanism in place where if after a certain period (<30 days) the Shroomiez/ETH LP hasn’t reached 5% of the Shroomiez supply, the 30 Shroomiez reserved for the team (which will be in a multisig for an initial period of at least 90 days), will be used for LPing, with the corresponding ETH side of the LP being funded by the Shroomiez Treasury. That leaves the chance of the team remaining without pre-allocated Shroomiez, which is cool because at least they can all pick their favorite one from the weak hands.

Shroomgates and Shroomlist Distribution

The most active users of renowned NFTfi protocols will all be Shroomlisted in the coming weeks. Power users of major DeFi protocols, as well as respectable and trusted NFT collections holders will also be included: the latter will need to fill in a typeform available on the official Discord channel as well as on the website, where you may find more information about Shroomlist requirements and gates.

The top 300 addresses by trade Volume (past N days from yet unannounced snapshot) for each of the following protocols will all be automatically Shroomlisted:

  • Caviar

  • Sudoswap

  • Llamalend

  • Scatter

  • Kingdomly

  • Baton

  • [Couple more to be announced đź‘€]

The following addresses will also be able to claim their Shroomlist spot by filling in the typeform available on our Discord (link below) as well as on our soon-to-be live website:

  • All 658 addresses who voted on the last ENS DAO Snapshot proposal

  • Top 150 addresses (by on-platform Mints)

  • users (apply on Typeform, if you’re a real one you’ll be included)

  • Liquity users (apply on Typeform, if you’re a real one you’ll be included)

  • [Couple more to be announced đź‘€]

And finally, all addresses holding any of the following NFTs will have a possibility to be Shroomlisted (by filling in the typeform):

  • Milady

  • Crypto Punks

  • Honeycomb or (any) Honeyjar from The Honey Jar

  • BGAN Punks (V1 & V2)

  • Chubbicorns

  • Tubby Cats 

  • Pudgy Penguins

  • Remilio

  • Radbro

  • Deadfellaz

  • Sappy Seals

  • [Couple more to be announced đź‘€]

*Note: Shroomlisted addresses can mint up to 3 Shroomiez per wallet, and only 1 Free Mint or Discounted Mint can be claimed (if you’re lucky enough to hold a Discounted Mint or Free Mint Shroomlist)

Shroomiez reserves the right to include (or remove) addresses and/or Communities from the Shroomlist (General, Free and Discounted) up until the moment of the official Shroomiez Mint.

And Finally

Yes, finally, the Discord link. Limited number, idk how many, but cya there and cya soon.

A Fairy told me that collecting these Articles will gib u something Real Good, like a free or idk mint; obviously Fairy gives No Financial Advice (NFA)
A Fairy told me that collecting these Articles will gib u something Real Good, like a free or idk mint; obviously Fairy gives No Financial Advice (NFA)

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