A Fair Shroomlist to Bridge the Gap

Hello There, You Early Adoptooor!

Being here, surely you have at least once in your lifetime considered that achieving (Web3) mass-adoption would benefit you as much as it would benefit the adopted projects, if positioned accordingly.

Well, Shroomiez *might* be able to position you accordingly.

How? Well *maybe* by granting holders the power to curate NFT collections, DeFi protocols, Metaverses and Web3 games that millions of newly on-boarded normies see, learn about and eventually pour their liquidity into.

A Fair Shroomlist Event

It all begins with two premises:

  1. That there are enough people who are knowledgeable enough about Web3 willing to put skin-in-the-game to contribute to the Shroomiez mission

  2. Millions of normies want to join (pour some liquidity into) Web3, but are either not convinced yet or unable/uneducated to do it correctly (hence without losing their money immediately)

Shroomlisting Web3 Power Users

What could make millions of normies gain trust towards our industry? Receiving valuable information. Surely they won’t receive it from notorious grifters nor celebs-turned-cryptogurus nor any of the likes. The answer lies under your skin! We who already know how to distinguish the Good from the Rug, are the Key.

The most active users of renowned NFTfi protocols will all be Shroomlisted automatically. Power users of major DeFi protocols as well as respectable and trusted NFT collection holders will also be included. The protocols with their respective number of top addresses which have been Shroomlisted will all be revealed in the coming weeks, so *maybe* you still have a chance to join the Shroomlist.

Approximately 3600 Shroomlists will be distributed, 300 of which are Discounted Mint Shroomlists and 60 are Free Mint Shroomlists. Since there only 660 Shroomiez NFTs, availability to mint will be on a first-come first-serve basis, except for holders of the Free Mint Shroomlists: those will have an exclusive 6 hour period to claim their Shroomiez before the Mint opens to Shroomlisted addresses.

Shroomlist Gates

  1. The First Gate will be reserved for Free Mint Shroomlists and will last 6 hours.

  2. The Second Gate will open as soon as the 6 hours from the First Gate are over, and will be exclusive to Shroomlists and Discounted Mint Shroomlists. It will last 24 hours.

  3. The Third Gate will open once the Second Gate is over (30 hours after the first gate and 24 hours after the second gate), and only if there are any Shroomiez NFTs left. This Gate allows for anyone to mint the remaining Shroomiez (if any).

*Free Mint and Discounted Mint Shroomlists will still be able to claim their Shroomiez during the Third Gate period. However, they must be claimed before the Third Gate (general mint) is over, as unclaimed Shroomiez will automatically be sent to the treasury.

This Shroomlist method will ensure a fair chance of participation to anyone who truly deserves and wishes to entrust the great powers entrusted to them by holding a Shroomiez.

For those who don’t manage to put their hands on a Shroomlist and in the case there are no Shroomiez left to mint for the third gate, don’t panic: there will be an opportunity for you to claim a Shroomiez. Whether that’ll be through a giveaway, earning fractional Shroomiez by participating in the Shroomieverse or through the 6000 Berachain Shroomiez launch that will follow, keep trying and the Shroomiez will come.

Going Forwards

Shroomiez is devoted to bringing the benefits of Web3 to everyone, and to do this, the support of Web3 OGs is a fundamental necessity. Support which of course needs to be rewarded, while also having the right skin-in-the game so that incentives between all parts are truly aligned.

Shroomiez presents a layer of incentives based on deep liquidity and liquid-backed, fractionalized Shroomiez as rewards. A portion of mint proceeds (33%) will be used to provide liquidity via Caviar, Sudoswap and/or Llamalend LPS followed by treasury-backing via Beramarket once it launches. Keep in mind each Shroomiez *might* receive a Berachain(/Multichain) Shroomiez as a rebase, which will be 63% backed since inception thanks to Beramarket.

The rest is used to cover legal costs for Shroomiez Co., which will contribute to Snapshot votes and proposals with its 30 Shroomiez, as well as the artist fee and BD costs to ensure the 6000 Berachain/Multichain Shroomiez launch is successful.

The Next Shroompaper will shine more light to the reward layer that will incentivize content creators to produce and promote exclusively high-quality content – people with an audience to share said high-quality content – and Web3 OGs to curate the Shroomieverse with the highest-quality material at all times.

Closure Note

While Gigi cooks up her article about the art generation process and the creative journey behind it, it may be worth noting that collecting the Shroomiez Mirror Articles which precede the Mint Gates *maybe* but not *surely* will give you access to something special, such as a guaranteed free mint. But this of course is no financial or legal advice as we are simply Shroomiez navigating the Metaverse.

Also, the discord is out for select few lucky Shroomiez (for the moment) and the shroomiez.world website will soon be made public.

Since you've made it this far, once more: don't forget to collect this article ;))
Since you've made it this far, once more: don't forget to collect this article ;))
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