Fashion has a new face. And it’s multiplayer.

Charting new territory at the convergence of digital and physical fashion. Signature Capsules brings co-created and co-owned fashion NFTs on-chain.

Signature Capsules is a community-owned fashion collective. Each capsule drop splits revenue transparently to all product contributors and creators, enabling growth through shared ownership of the collective.

Digi-physical fashion NFTs on the Capsules marketplace unlock community access and ownership in brands that mirror their identity, making it easy for designers to co-create with brands, manufacturers, and communities.

We believe in working with collaborators to create fewer, high-quality product experiences uniquely designed for and by our members. And we boldly believe that our community will play a critical role in shaping the future of composable digi-physical fashion.

What is featured in the genesis capsule

Our genesis capsule drop features the MF70 anti-surveillance suit. Collaboration curated by MetaFactory as the brand. Produced and designed by reputable fashion designers, pattern makers, and digital designers at [a]industri, a factory for physical and digital garment production in Göteborg, Sweden. Each MF70 is paired with a HaLo chip to enable sophisticated, programmatic linking between digital and physical. Learn more about the MF70 co-creation and fashion NFT utility here.

MF70 collaborator spotlight

Rickard Lindqvist, PHD - Manufacturing - Creative Director and Founder of [a]industri, Author of the Kinetic Garment Construction system, and Steward of the Open Source Pattern Protocol

Hugh Clarke - Patternmaking - Founder of The Structure of Magic, former Senior Designer at PUMA, Contributor to the Open Source Pattern Programme

Weseeclearly - Creative Comms - Artist & Advisor, Creative Director of BNV, core team MetaFactory, Author of WSC.FYI

Daniel Mohr - Print Design - Fashion Designer & Artist

Sanders - Fabric Sourcing and Printing - CEO House of U

Jin - Metaverse Builder - Artist & Advisor, Co-Founder of M3, core team MetaFactory

Fraemwerk - VFX - CGI Artist

Cameron Robertson- Next-Gen Hardware - Founder of Kong.Land

We will be releasing more information on future design competitions for designers to fork and license open-source patterns made available from selected designer collaborators mentioned above. Stay tuned… in the meantime, submit your interest here to be whitelisted.

How buyers and creators interact with Signature Capsules

In Dec '22, the website will go live for fashion superfans to create an on-chain signature, showing their support for the future of fashion. This unlocks membership access to digi-physical experiences in all future Signature Capsules.

As a buyer, you can invest in the products we co-create through the collective’s drops. Capsule buyers become co-owners of the collective and share in the success through royalties as the collective grows.

As a designer, you can collaborate with NFT communities, brands, and mico-factories to launch your own signature capsule, and receive royalties as your contributions are forked and licensed on the marketplace (powered by Crowdmuse).

Redemption NFTs for physical products

Fashion NFTs make visible product co-ownership, royalties, and resale features. Buyers have the opportunity to invest in the genesis version of a product by purchasing the “digi-physical” version. With the fashion NFT, they receive a token that represents their physical product and entitles them to a share of the royalties in the future growth of that product value chain.

When the collective collaborates on a product, each individual designer, brand, and manufacturer has attributed a percent share of the revenue from NFT sales according to the value contributed to the creation of that product.

When an individual creator provides a fashion technique or design that can be reused, remade, or remixed, they retain Intellectual Property (IP) rights on-chain. This work is licensed to others and royalties are automatically distributed back to the owner. A creator can opt out of royalties and make this contribution truly open-source if they wish.

The NFT is a digital token that is tied to a physical item. It represents ownership, entitling the user to the physical item that it represents and a share of royalties that the creator earns from sales.

Ownership of this token also acts as membership which gives exclusive access to the brand’s future drops.

Bring your digital NFT collections to life with physical collectibles

NFTs reflect the values and identity that a particular internet community resonates with. Such communities provide insight into the internet subcultures that enable creative self-expression and a sense of belonging among like-minded peers. Until now, the collectibility of these NFTs has been strictly digital.

As strong NFT communities with digital IP emerge, they become community-driven brands that can be matched to high-quality products. Since "better fashion design and manufacturing could help steer IP usage away from cheap creation of products,” these communities would be incentivized to create “digital to physical collectibles for IP holders . . . that are associated with the vibe and culture of the NFT projects." @defianceworks

Signature Capsules (powered by Crowdmuse protocol) brings high-quality fashion collectibles on-chain. IP holders can now access a supply web of sustainable manufacturers and fashion designers to bring their IP to life in the form of physical collectibles. If you’re interested in bringing your IP to life, submit your interest here.

Community access to a decentralized supply network

The protocol layer enables the co-creation and co-ownership of physical collectibles and collections. Each item comes with partner NFC trackability to provide full product provenance. Communities can purchase their favorite NFT physical collections via the Capsules marketplace. Read more about supply webs and redeemable Fashion NFTs here.

Supply access and manufacturing are made possible through our supply network, which provides made-to-order, high-quality, sustainably manufactured fashion.

DECODE is a New York-based zero-waste micro-factory and fashion company. Danielle Elsener developed DECOD[ECO]SYSTEM, a set of tools to address all facets of Zero Waste applications in the Apparel Industry.

[a]industri is a Sweden-based micro-factory and designer collective for physical and digital garment production. It is a team of fashion designers, expert machinists, cutters, pattern makers, and digital designers from 6 different countries, led by the reputable fashion designer Rickard Lindqvist.

Rapanui is a UK-based manufacturer and producer of lifestyle, urban apparel wear that utilizes certified sustainable materials and circular production models.

Online features + milestones

Augmenting Culture: The Emerging Field of Digital Fashion - 1kx web3 fashion report

Accepted into Seed Club SC05 accelerator (formerly known as Made with Love) RSVP for SC05 demo day on 12.16.22


Twitter: @signcapsules


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