Things To Do On zkSync 1.0 Mainnet

zkSync 1.0 launched to mainnet in June 2020. It enabled fast, cheap, and scalable transactions. Here’s a list of things to do right now on zkSync 1.0 Mainnet.

Listing of an application on this post does not represent an endorsement by Matter Labs. Please do your own research and exercise caution prior to using any application. Always read signatures prior to signing a message.

#1 Move Funds To zkSync

First, move funds into zkSync via a bridge, gateway, or an exchange. If funds are being sent to a new zkSync account, make sure to send enough funds to cover the single-time account activation fee (see #2 below). Pease read this tutorial for instructions on using the zkSync native bridge,

Bridge: A bridge allows users to transfer assets between blockchains. The zkSync native bridge supports ERC-20 token transfers between Ethereum Mainnet and zkSync. Layerswap is a solution that allows users to deposit funds from a centralized exchange into zkSync.

Gateway: A gateway is a fiat on/off ramp that allows users to purchase crypto with fiat using a credit card or bank account. The gateways listed below support certain assets on zkSync. Gateways require Know Your Customer (KYC) credentials.

Exchange: Sending funds from an exchange that supports zkSync is the lowest-cost option because it avoids the need to bridge. The following exchanges support certain assets on zkSync. Please verify with an exchange prior to depositing or withdrawing funds.

  • ByBit (Deposits and withdrawals are paused at time of writing)

#2 Activate Account + Make A Transfer

When making a transaction for the first time, users will be prompted activate their account. This is a single-time operation and the process will vary based on the application used. The transfer tool within zkSync can be used to activate an account. To activate an account, follow the steps below as prompted.

Step 1: Go to the transfer tool here and connect a wallet.
Step 2: Paste in a transfer to address. You can even transfer to yourself.
Step 3: Set the transfer amount.
Step 4: Click “Authorize Sign Account Activation” and sign the first signature.

Authorize Sign Account Activation
Authorize Sign Account Activation

Step 5: Click “Sign Account Activation” and sign the second signature. This signature registers a key pair (ChangePubKey) for the zkSync wallet.

Sign Account Activation
Sign Account Activation

Step 6: Click “Proceed to Send on zkSync” and sign the third and final signature. This signature includes a gas fee for the Account Activation Fee and the Transfer Fee.

Activation and Transfer Fees
Activation and Transfer Fees

That’s it! There will be two transactions shown in zkscan. The first transaction type will display “ChangePubKey.” The second transaction type will display “Transfer.” Once the transaction is verified, the wallet is activated and ready for use.

#3 Mint NFTs On zkSync

zkSync 1.0 has native support for minting, transferring, and swapping NFTs. The minting process involves the uploading of content to IPFS in order to obtain a Content Identifier (CID). A step-by-step tutorial for minting an NFT on zkSync is linked here. Pinata Cloud is a pinning service that allows users to host files on a private IPFS node.

An NFT will be visible and can be transferred after the transaction reaches a verified status. This is represented by two green checkmarks and can take up to 7 hours after the minting process is complete. NFTs can also be withdrawn from zkSync to L1, but cannot be bridged from L1 to zkSync at this time.

Metadata Not Found: If a “metadata not found” error is encountered, try pinning the IPFS file. Make sure the CID of the metadata json file was submitted, not the CID of the image. Lastly, give the IPFS network some time to host the file across peers.


OpenSky is front end tool for minting NFTs on zkSync 1.0. It was created by community member neoc#0001. The tool automates the creation of the metadata json file needed to embed the preview image in the NFT. Users simply upload an image and provide a few optional details to mint.

Here’s how to mint an NFT using OpenSky.

Warning: OpenSky was created by a community member and is no longer being maintained. Errors may occur.

Step 1: Visit the tool here.
Step 2: Connect a wallet.
Step 3: Click on the “Mint” tab.
Step 4: Fill in the details. Everything is optional except for uploading an image.

  • Name: The name of the NFT.
  • External Link: A link to the NFT image (e.g. Google Drive).
  • Description: A brief description of the NFT.
  • Select File: Upload an image for the NFT.
  • Attributes: The first box is the trait type (e.g. mouth). The second box is the trait name (e.g. happy). More attributes can be added as needed.

Step 5: Click on “Mint.”
Step 6: Review and approve the signature. The gas fee for minting will be shown in the signature. That’s it! The status of the NFT will be displayed in the “Profile” tab.

zkCheckout is a tool for creating payment links on zkSync. The links can be used as payable invoices or requests for payment. zkCheckout can also be used to create a batch of transactions. This allows a sender to transfer tokens to up to 20 wallets using a single transaction. Developers can use the zkCheckout SDK to implement payments via zkSync onto any website.

To create a payment link, follow the steps below as prompted.

Step 1: Go to zkCheckout and click “Try it now.”
Step 2: Paste in your wallet as the receiving address.
Step 3: Select the token and amount you would like to be paid.
Step 4: Click “Build your payment link.”

Build Your Payment Link
Build Your Payment Link

Step 5: The payment link will pop up. Copy it and send it to the individual you are requesting funds from.

Copy Payment Link
Copy Payment Link

#5 Donate To Public Goods On Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin is a funding platform for supporting public goods and open source software projects. Gitcoin Grants is a product within Gitcoin that funds projects with Quadratic Funding. Anyone can create a grant for an open-source project across any discipline in Web3.

Note: There is no active grant for zkSync. There are many grants for third party projects building on zk-technology. Please be aware these projects are not managed by zkSync.

Here’s how to fund a grant using zkSync as a checkout option.

Step 1: Explore the grants ecosystem here.
Step 2: Find projects you like and click “Add to Cart.”

Step 3: Click on the shopping cart in the top right and click “Checkout.”
Step 4: Sign-in with a GitHub account.
Step 5: Select a token and enter the donation amount for each project.
Step 6: Click “I’m Ready to Checkout” then click “zkSync Checkout.”

Step 7: Connect a wallet to Gitcoin.
Step 8: Click “Proceed” after reading the pop-up message. A link to zkCheckout will open in a new tab. Keep the original tab open.

Pay with zkSync Popup
Pay with zkSync Popup

Step 9: Connect a wallet to zkCheckout.

Connect Wallet to zkCheckout
Connect Wallet to zkCheckout

Step 10: Select a fee token and click “Complete payment.”

Complete Payment
Complete Payment

Step 10: Approve the transaction in your wallet and await confirmation. Click on “Close” and go back to the original tab. The donation is complete!

Payment Complete
Payment Complete

#6 Make A Trade On ZigZag Exchange

ZigZag is currently the only decentralized exchange (DEX) on zkSync 1.0 Mainnet. It supports limit orders, market orders, and more than 30 token pairs. At this time, ZigZag does not charge any trading fees. Users must still pay a swap fee which includes the gas fee of the transaction. ZigZag also supports bridging between Ethereum Mainnet, zkSync, and Polygon.

To make a market order on ZigZag, follow the steps below as prompted.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Connect a wallet.
Step 3: Select a token pair. Click on Market. Then click on the buy or sell tab.
Step 4: Enter the trade amount. The price will be the spot price of the asset.
Step 5: Click the buy or sell button.
Step 6: Review and sign the message to execute the trade.

That’s it! The order will show up in the orders tab until it is filled. Once the order is filled, it will show up in the fills tab as completed and the funds are available for use.

#7 Create A zkSync Wallet On Argent

Argent is a smart wallet managed by a smart contract instead of a private key. There is no mnemonic phrase. Rather, other wallets can be added as guardians that have the authority to approve transactions and initiate wallet recovery. Argent has taken the lead on bringing DeFi to L2 by integrating with zkSync. Users now have access to DeFi at a fraction of the cost compared to Ethereum Mainnet. Please read this article for step-by-step instructions for creating an Argent wallet.

Argent wallets created after July 2021 automatically claim a zkSync address during the wallet creation process. A zkSync address will need to be manually claimed for Argent wallets created before July 2021. Claiming a zkSync address involves an Ethereum Mainnet transaction and will incur a network fee. Please read this article for instructions on how to claim a zkSync address for accounts created before July 2021.

#8 Earn Yield In Yearn Finance (Argent)

Yearn Finance is a yield aggregator that allow users to optimize earnings. Users can deposit assets into vaults with various investment strategies. The vaults automatically adjust to optimize earnings as market conditions change. Currently, Yearn Finance supports vaults for ETH, DAI, USDC, and wBTC. Please read this article for step-by-step instructions for using Yearn Finance.

#9 Lend In Aave (Argent)

Aave is a decentralized lending protocol that allows users to borrow and lend assets. Lenders earn variable interest payments paid for by borrowers. Argent's Aave integration on zkSync supports deposits, allowing users to earn interest for lending DAI and USDC. Please read this article for step-by-step instructions for using Aave.

#10 Invest In IndexCoop Tokens (Argent)

IndexCoop is a community-owned platform focused on creating crypto indices. $INDEX token holders vote on proposals and product upgrades. Index tokens provide exposure to a basket of assets in a certain ecosystems such as DeFi or NFTs. IndexCoop’s icETH token is also supported on Argent, allowing users to invest in a leveraged ETH position. Please read this article for step-by-step instructions for using IndexCoop.

#11 Stake ETH With Lido Finance (Argent)

Lido Finance is a liquid staking platform for proof-of-stake blockchains. It allows users to earn rewards for staking assets used to secure the network. Argent supports ETH staking on zkSync through Lido Finance. Users deposit ETH into Lido and receive an interest-bearing token called Wrapped Staked Ether (wstETH). Please read this article for step-by-step instructions for using Lido Finance.

#12 Play Metaverse Games In Tevaera

Tevaera is a metaverse game built on zkSync. Citizens of the Tevaera Metaverse, called Tevans, can experience, build, monetize, and govern digital islands.

Warning: Tevaera requires an email. It will be associated with the address used to sign in with. Only use this dapp if you are ok with the potential to DOX your address with your email address.

A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) quest game called Teva Quest is live now. Users can mint a Tevaera Citizen ID NFT that will act as an access token to play Terra Quest and earn Karma. Users can play-to-earn Karma and in-game tokens which can be spent to upgrade character skills. Please read this article for step-by-step instructions to obtain a Citizen ID and play Teva Quest.

Already Done It All?

Thanks being an active zkSync user! The ecosystem of applications is always growing and new projects launch to mainnet each month. There are many applications live on zkSync 1.0 Mainnet that were not included in this post, such as wallets and infrastructure providers. It’s a lot to keep up with. Here’s a zkSync ecosystem tracker to help track what’s available:

Matter Labs is currently working diligently towards zkSync 2.0, an EVM-compatible zkRollup. You can learn more on testing zkSync 2.0 here.


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