Phezzan Testnet Tutorial

Phezzan Protocol 一个跨链赚取利息的衍生品DEX
Phezzan Protocol, a cross chain interest earning derivative DEX

据说测试网关闭后,将会在zkSync 2.0上启动,并快照发布空投细节··· DYOR

一、领取 Rinkeby ETH gas

Get testnet ETH at the following addresses, you will need ETH to pay for gas fees:

二、领取测试币 aUST/Claim aUST

链接钱包/Connect wallet

点击"Deposit"→ 点击"Claim aUST"→钱包确认:

大概一分钟左右,将会收到100000 aUST测试币/You will get 100,000 aUST per time



以BTC为例/BTC as an example:

1.输入开仓的金额Amount aUST→确认 Confirm Long:

2.Close Position

3.尝试开空(改变滑点)/Open Short Position(Change Slippage Tolerance)

五、增加流动性/Add Liquidity

Increase Liquidity:

Remove Liquidiy

PS:记得把同样的步骤,把ETH/Luna都做一遍~Do the same steps with ETH/Luna


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