TrustLess Testnet Tutorial


TRUST NO ONE role get more exposure to genesis(more tokens), and the role will be pinged with instructions to testnet participate.

一、领取测试币 Get Faucet

进入TrustLess官方discord,在#address 频道丢小狐狸钱包的地址,等待发币进行测试,大概十几分钟,机器人会提醒。

Join in Trustless Discord, send wallet address in #address channel. Waiting for ten minutes, the robot will remind you when faucet has been sent.

二、进入测试网 Access Testnet

链接钱包,切换至zkSync testnet:

Connect a Wallet, switch to zkSync Testnet.

三、功能测试 Position


Use TruEth as Collateral, receive Hue in your wallet.


Don’t add all TruEth as Collateral, we need TruEth when add liquidity.

三、Edit Position


Change the number of collateral or debt, thus changing the collateral ratio.



六、Add liquidity

七、Remove Liquidity


Don’t forget to claim TCP under Position/Liquidity.

 in a single message
in a single message

最后,在官方discord 查看#demo 频道的要求,并提交材料到 #submissions 中,会自动审核赋予角色。

Finally, follow the instructions in #demo channel, and submit to #submissions channel in a single message.

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