Alpha Testnet: Building at the Frontier

Stark Citizens,

In parallel to our Cairo audit with Nethermind, announced in May, we are beginning the roll-out of our Alpha Testnet, now available to all StarkNet users on Alpha Goerli at

For SithSwap, this is an important dual-milestone and the culmination of months of development that deliver on our promised hybrid stableswap design, offering the following features:

  • Uniswap V2-like APIs for extreme ease of integration in 3rd-party contracts
  • Permissionless creation of stable and volatile markets with governable fees
  • Seamless trading across correlated and uncorrelated assets markets
  • Entire markets liquidity is always available for 0%-fees flash loans
  • no-upkeep, 30-minute TWAPs. Flash-loan resistant price feeds can be obtained directly from markets
  • Silo’ed LP trading fees allow for custom rewards mechanisms to be built atop single markets contracts

To learn more about the features offered by the AMM, refer to the documention pages:

❖ Alpha Testing

Now, some words of caution for our appreciated Alpha Testnet users.

As you know, StarkNet remains in its Alpha state and all applications running on top of it should be considered Alpha software as well, at this stage. SithSwap AMM Alpha Testnet is no different in this regard, and accordingly all users should treat both the AMM smart contracts and the official UI as experimental software subject to rapid iteration, in particular:

  • Developers should expect smart contracts APIs not to be final just yet
  • Developers and Users should expect smart contract addresses to change, especially true and conditioned by any audit findings which come on a rolling basis
  • Users should expect their mock tokens balances and other AMM-related state to change
  • Users should expect the UI to still be glitchy and be missing many QoLs improvements at this time
  • Users should expect extremely fast-paced iteration on the UI (see UI testing instructions and version labels/release changes in the Discord)

You will be given specific testing instructions in our Discord, where you can help pinpoint any uncaught issues by reporting strictly according to the guidelines provided.

And please, do not expect anything in return for being an early Alpha Tester (maybe a cool Discord role).

Join our Discord here:

❖ What is next

In parallel, SithSwap is targeting the following main objectives for its short term future:

  • Complete the 7-weeks long Nethermind auditing process (ends in mid-September)
  • Complete Phase 1 (AMM) by:
    • improving the main interface UI/UX and releasing technical reference pages to assist and facilitate 3rd-party integrations
    • rolling out of a dedicated Analytics web-based service for users and traders
    • deploying on Alpha Mainnet the Core AMM contracts (pending more mature minor Cairo releases)
  • Continue laying the groundwork for the design and development of Phase 2 (AMM Rewards)


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