January 25th, 2022

The past decade was full of grassroots movements and mass demonstrations that took on every conceivable cause by storm. From mass protests in Hong Kong to the End SARS movement in Nigeria, and from mass climate action to demonstrations for social justice, new ways to communicate and coordinate combined with the strong desire of younger generations to take action, is driving forward social change at an unprecedented rate. Every demonstration achieves varying levels of success, but all face a common challenge in the lack of sustainability beyond an initial spark of energy. How can we sustainably activate the social, financial, and human capital inherent within communities of all sizes to create positive action towards solutions for humanity’s most important challenges? With four billion participants expected by 2030, Web3 has the potential to provide the missing superpower that turns activism and grassroots movements into sustainable micro-economies with incentives for continuous action.

The majority of the world will join Web3 by earning crypto, not by investing in it

Play-To-Earn dynamics are the first of many take action to earn token incentives that will gain traction in the early days of Web3. By applying this to society’s most important movements, we can activate micro-economies which incorporate monetary incentives that drive lasting behavioral changes by rewarding the frontline actions to create the bright future we all want to see. A.K.A. good actors at the grassroots level get rewarded – something which our current systems are lacking. This will provide both a coordination and a reward mechanism to activate communities of all sizes towards taking action on missions large and small, while advancing any community goal, like growing audience and promoting initiatives.

So far, social tokens have been given a one dimensional vision for a future where the creator economy is turned into a stock market. What may begin as a new monetization model for the top percentage of creators, risks creating a future where our passion pursuits and professional life become a speculative stock for anyone to buy, sell, and speculate on our worth. Instead, as a critical component, we should be thinking about how we can use social tokens to activate a community’s social, human, and creative capital to advance important causes and drive forward positive cultural change.