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The past decade was full of grassroots movements and mass demonstrations that took on every conceivable cause by storm. From mass protests in Hong Kong to the End SARS movement in Nigeria, and from mass climate action to demonstrations for social justice, new ways to communicate and coordinate combined with the strong desire of younger generations to take action, is driving forward social change at an unprecedented rate. Every demonstration achieves varying levels of success, but all face a common challenge in the lack of sustainability beyond an initial spark of energy. How can we sustainably activate the social, financial, and human capital inherent within communities of all sizes to create positive action towards solutions for humanity’s most important challenges? With four billion participants expected by 2030, Web3 has the potential to provide the missing superpower that turns activism and grassroots movements into sustainable micro-economies with incentives for continuous action.

The majority of the world will join Web3 by earning crypto, not by investing in it

Play-To-Earn dynamics are the first of many take action to earn token incentives that will gain traction in the early days of Web3. By applying this to society’s most important movements, we can activate micro-economies which incorporate monetary incentives that drive lasting behavioral changes by rewarding the frontline actions to create the bright future we all want to see. A.K.A. good actors at the grassroots level get rewarded – something which our current systems are lacking. This will provide both a coordination and a reward mechanism to activate communities of all sizes towards taking action on missions large and small, while advancing any community goal, like growing audience and promoting initiatives.

So far, social tokens have been given a one dimensional vision for a future where the creator economy is turned into a stock market. What may begin as a new monetization model for the top percentage of creators, risks creating a future where our passion pursuits and professional life become a speculative stock for anyone to buy, sell, and speculate on our worth. Instead, as a critical component, we should be thinking about how we can use social tokens to activate a community’s social, human, and creative capital to advance important causes and drive forward positive cultural change.

Impact-driven social tokens

What makes a social token impact-driven, is a focus on the community earning their way in through positive action, as opposed to buying the token to unlock community access. Issuing a social token and enabling an Impact-To-Earn dynamic that is aligned with an impact goal, big or small, will establish truly mission-driven micro-economies that solve big impact goals.

Imagine if Mr. Beast launched a social token that, through a cycle of earning and redeeming, created a sustainable micro-economy that provided consistent incentives for his fan base to earn tokens by cleaning up plastic at beaches worldwide.
Imagine if Mr. Beast launched a social token that, through a cycle of earning and redeeming, created a sustainable micro-economy that provided consistent incentives for his fan base to earn tokens by cleaning up plastic at beaches worldwide.

Through an impact-driven social token, the most influential people, brands, nonprofits, and online communities can rally all the forms of capital within their community towards carrying out impact at scale.

Imagine how valuable a social token can become by introducing sustainable and everlasting behavior change that becomes the key catalyst in bringing forward the solution to different existential crises across climate, global inequality, mental health, and more

New paradigms of communities will emerge this decade through the enabling technology of Web3. Participation in community missions will lead to receiving rewards with new forms of monetary incentives that denote ownership, status, and incorporate dynamic and exponentially growing value. Impact-driven social tokens, as a primitive, will lead to new forms of community that will produce regenerative, co-creative, and positive sum micro-economies. At Socialstack, we’re working to build an easy to use social token platform to enable anyone to tokenize their community on the open blockchain, while incentivizing impact-driven behavior through our own tokenomics and network-wide campaigns that pool together token incentives. To do this, we’re building CommunityOS.

CommunityOS is a DApp of plug and play tokenized community tools designed to empower community leaders to incentivize and reward collaboration amongst members towards a common purpose. We designed CommunityOS to require little crypto know-how for leaders and members alike.

CommunityOS Features

Meet impact-driven social tokens on Socialstack

**AfrofutureDAO **was the first example on Socialstack in this experimentation. Cultural and historical organizations across Africa have been unable to properly monetize and leverage the immense value locked in its historical and cultural assets. The DAO and its token $AFTR, is a community DAO with the goal of fully unlocking the value of Africa’s historical assets, through NFTs, in order to invest in the next generation of the continent’s creators. Since April, 34.25 ETH has been generated by the community through quarterly auctions of African art and historical assets. This is a DAO, whose inclusive community governance mechanism fully aligns with the Socialstack mission and vision toward a decentralized future that advances an important impact goal.

Kapawi Ecolodge is an award-winning indigenous owned ecotourism center in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. They launched a social token, the Maketai Coin, in the midst of COVID-19 which completely froze tourists travelling to Kapawi. Maketai was used to incentivize room night bookings and donations to keep the ecolodge from shutting down. Kapawi has driven $225k in room night bookings using their token reward incentive. Kapawi is now pioneering a model for how a region can establish a stable medium of exchange on the blockchain, underpinned by it’s local tourism assets.

Osinachi is Africa’s foremost crypto artist. His work was the first NFT by a contemporary African artist to be sold by Christie’s. Osinachi uses his social token $OSINA to reward collectors of his art and is planning to incentivize NFT artists to mentor up and coming artists in Africa. This is a great example of an NFT artist using their social capital to incentivize impact behavior from curators and NFT artists towards uplifting African artists and empowering them to create wealth in the NFT space.

African Tech Roundup, Africa’s leading tech and innovation podcast launched $ATRU, a blockchain-based token unlocking various rewards, opportunities and premium access within the African Tech Roundup community. As the global COVID-19 crisis further weakens already declining media advertising revenue models that resource journalism, there is a need to act decisively to prevent Africa from falling prey to "the danger of a single story". Independent African media publishers like African Tech Roundup must wean themselves off the patronage of commercial interests—while creating democratized platforms for ecosystem contribution. $ATRU has been launched with the goal of building a new model for sustainable community-owned media in Africa.

The Socialstack team has built an advisory network consisting of the world’s leading experts in gifting cultures, sharing economies, and media & culture to usher in this future. Interested in contributing to our team’s mission? 

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