Soulbonds x DegenScore

One of the core values of web3 is collaboration over competition. Fewer zero-sum games and everyone profiting from productive collabs are just some of the things we all love about this space. That's why we believe that good partnerships are part of a strong foundation for every project. If you are familiar with the Soulbonds project, you probably already know about our partnership with DegenScore. In this short article, we want to explore more about what the DegenScore team has been up to, what's in it for Soulbonds holders, and how we all can benefit from these partnerships.

What is DegenScore?

DegenScore is a web3 platform that allows users to check out and add context to their past transaction history in a super exciting and gamified way. After connecting your wallet, you will be assigned a score based on how much crazy stuff you have encountered on-chain. Apart from the general score, ranking you somewhere between a pleb and degen, you can also receive unique achievements for certain transactions. The OG version of DegenScore premiered in 2021, right after the great DeFi summer. Since then, the project has constantly been evolving, optimizing how they can collect and process users' on-chain data, following all the most recent DeFi and general crypto trends, to keep their achievements platform up-to-date. DegenScore doesn't store user data and only reads and processes it off the blockchain when users request to get a score through their DApp. The team has recently revamped their DApp once again and returned to web3 with a brand new platform known as DegenScore Episode 2.

How does the partnership work?

DegenScore is becoming one of the largest projects in the web3 reputation space, and they plan to expand further. Despite the complete transparency, analyzing large amounts of on-chain data isn't a trivial task. The team at DegenScore has built a unique way to consume large amounts of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and filter this information into interesting highlights for the user to form a web3 reputation or identity. The idea of the partnership is straightforward: DegenScore wants to allow other projects to build on top of their infrastructure so they have opened it up for developers and partners and develop some use cases. On the other hand, we have a cool idea of how to put this data to good use. Our collaboration helps their team spread awareness about their product and develops their ideas further into the latest web3 trends.

What About My Data?

You might be wondering what does this mean for your data, how it will be treated and is it safe? Let us assure Soulbonds are much safer than your average project mutable NFT project. There are two sides that we need to explain. Firstly, all your metadata is stored on a fully decentralized Ceramic Network. We use our server to construct your images as you add more and more traits to them. This data may not be lost, damaged, or edited by anyone else, even if our infrastructure is attacked. Ceramic also provides an immutable unique ID number for your data so that when it is modified, data isn't moved to another URI, unlike in classic decentralized storages like IPFS. This immutability allows us to relieve the users of the gas burden. Once your token is minted, you don't have to overwrite anything on the blockchain. On the other hand, your data is still securely stored and steadily available from Ceramic, unlike with many other dynamic NFT projects where the centralized server is responsible for serving your NFT metadata.

Soulbonds DApp Architecture
Soulbonds DApp Architecture

We barely use your data, we do not write, store or cache any of your wallet data. Your wallet is primarily used for signing stuff in our DApp - this way we can protect you from intruders who might want to play around with your avatar without your permission. We will take your wallet's public address and pass it down to our colleagues at DegenScore via a secure private communication channel. In return, they will conduct the analysis internally and get back to us with your score and a list of your achievements. We will use this response to show you which additional traits you can apply to your avatar.

Web3 Is Collaboration Culture

We at Soulbonds are proud of our partnerships because we believe collaboration is the way to go in the ever-evolving crypto world. This collaboration allows DegenScore to have another prominent use case for their platform. For Soulbonds we now have a solid sustainable web3 product, and everyone else has an opportunity to have a beautiful personified avatar based on their on-chain activity. We also now have strong bridges being built between our communities - DegenScore is particularly popular among strictly DeFi ape audience, and we can help bring some of these users to the world of NFTs. We can show that it's not just about the speculation of assets. It can be much much more.

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