World of Soulcraft: Guide to the Beta Test

As we have announced before, we're nearing the start of our official public testing program. In this guide, we will go over the process from start to finish, additionally listing example on-chain interactions that users could try with their test $ETH to obtain and level up some traits.

Switching to Goerli

If you're a hardened user who has a good understanding of what Goerli testnet is - feel free to go ahead to the following parts of the guide. However, if you'd like to refresh your knowledge and ensure your setup is right, read this carefully.

Testnet Only: World of Soulcraft is happening exclusively on the Goerli Ethereum test network, meaning two things. First, it means you mint and burn your NFTs on this test network, running in parallel with the Ethereum mainnet.

💡 Only your transactions on the Goerli testnet will contribute towards obtaining and upgrading new traits for your Soul token.

This is important - your activity with all the protocols listed in the previous guide and below will not influence your Soul if you're just going about your ordinary business on Ethereum mainnet or other blockchains. Follow this detailed guide on how to set up your Metamask to work with Goerli testnet.

After you switch to the Goerli network in your wallet, you will most likely need to obtain test Ether in this network unless you have worked with it before and already have some reserves. The process is very straightforward and is just like with any other testnet. There are two main $ETH faucets for the Goerli network - Paradigm Faucet and Goerli Faucet by Alchemy.

Paradigm Faucet & Goerli Faucet
Paradigm Faucet & Goerli Faucet

Taking Next Steps

After you complete these steps, you're ready to go! Now let's move to the next steps, in which you will be able to play around with some protocols and explore the World of Soulcraft. What can you do with all the test $ETH and NFTs you have obtained? In this guide, we're not going to provide an exact list of achievements and possible interactions. We believe our already strong community has the drive and curiosity to explore the test release features fully. However, we still want to drop some examples and hints in which direction to move and what you should probably watch out for. What you can do in the World of Soulcraft can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Gen Zero Mint: On mint, everyone will receive a base-level avatar which is absolutely unique. Thus, even if no traits are available to you so far, you can be certain that your Soul is one of a kind. There will only be 50 gen zero Souls available in the testnet, on the first come first served basis.

💡 Mainnet gen zero mint will be different: we will have a limited amount of gen zero Souls, but there will also be whitelist that gets priority rights to gen zero mint. The whitelist will be formed from members of our community that have earned a Soul role in our discord. We will announce the details and collect the addresses on a later date, of course.

  • Gen One Mint & Referrals: Members willing to mint a gen one Soul can connect to their referral via our discord and other socials, as well as just head down to the Soul gallery and pick a wallet that has the Soul avatar you like the most to show your appreciation! You can use the wallet address as a referral code, with the only condition that the address should currently own a Soul. Members who bring new people into the project will be able to see their test Ether balance increase every time.

💡 Pro Mint Tip: You may actually skip mint at the start, and go straight into grinding out some achievements. Keep in mind that we start tracking on-chain activity on the Goerli the day before the World of Soulcraft event starts. If you unlock some traits beforehand, then straight after minting your unique base-level Soul, you will have an opportunity to see the list of traits already available to you based on your past activities! In the World of Soulcraft, if you have some pre-mint activity you will be able to see and pick some traits right after mint. You’re free to choose the course of action here.

  • Sanctuary - Your special NFTs customization tool: After you have minted your Soul, you can customize and update your digital Soul in the Sanctuary. Feel free to come back again and again to see whether you unlocked or upgraded anything.

  • Achievements and how to get them: The most important and fun stage is interacting with the blockchain to unlock and level up traits. Explore supported protocols! There are two types of traits: static and upgradeable. Static traits are typically unlocked with a single transaction. Dynamic traits, on the other hand, can be leveled up as you keep mastering a certain protocol or interaction. For instance, some of your traits will be upgraded as your trading volume on a platform increases.

  • Token burn: Not a compulsory step by any means. However, feel free to get a refund of test $ETH for your Soul (the volume of refund depends on your Soul generation) by burning your token in your Sanctuary. Note - this is irreversible! You will not be able to mint a new Soul from the same wallet.

World of Soulcraft Steps
World of Soulcraft Steps

Supported platforms

We aren't giving you a whole list, as we believe that our community is more than experienced and curious about this treasure hunt. We want, however, to highlight several main directions in which to move forward. Starting with the DeFi guest features on the list: platforms like Uniswap. For instance, try swapping some of your test $ETH for $UNI. Generally, DeFi swap and trade (hint: you're not limited to simple trading) operations will result in upgradeable traits. As your swap volume increases, you can come back to the Sanctuary to check whether you upgraded the corresponding trait or not!

Additionally, feel free to dive into some more general web3 platforms you can play with. For instance, have a look at ENS. Interacting with the web3 domain platform should unlock a one-time action, static trait. Lastly, and quite importantly, we want to reveal an NFT platform on the list - NFTx. We don't need to tell you what to do - buy and sell some NFTs and watch your Soul bloom with more unlockable traits.

The full list of traits and platforms to interact with is, of course, much longer. We believe that if we all embark on this little exploration voyage we’re all going to make it. Watch out for the new soulcraft-beta channel in our discord where everyone can share their findings with the community. We want you to experiment with this as much as possible in order to reach these maxed out, level three beta testing participants traits!

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