Soulbonds: Traits Explained

Soulbonds is all about expressing yourself and glorifying your on-chain achievements to the public. The most important part is of course your Soul - an artsy, hand-drawn, upgradeable avatar that you can flex everywhere you like.

In this short post we want to explore how your wallet traits will translate into funky visual attributes that can be a part of your avatar. 

Base Avatar

First thing first - when you mint yourself a Soul, you get a base avatar.
A base avatar is a combination of base traits, new users will receive a random one to start with. There are six traits already included in the base avatar - background, left and right eyes, head and body, as well as the seam that will go all through the body like a hoodie zipper.
Currently, more than 20000 base avatar variations exist.
Since there is an unlimited supply of Gen1 Souls, we will progressively add new traits to ensure all base Soul avatars are unique. However, this should not be a problem, because this is where the Soulbonds specialty comes into play. 

Reference to Zones
Reference to Zones

On-chain Traits

After your base avatar is minted, you can add on-chain traits related to your wallet activity. On-chain traits are just additional visual elements, which of course are also recorded in the metadata.

Those non-base traits may appear in the following zones - background (replacing your base background), head and body patches, clothes, hats, facemasks, on your back (wing-like stuff) and lastly in both eyes (two can be different!).

Some basic traits will be replaced by special traits of course, some might be only partially covered - like a body covered in clothes.

There are three intrinsic types of on-chain traits. Firstly - there are common traits. These are like small and accessible achievements - use a DeFi protocols once, bridge your assets using a certain protocol - that kind of thing. You can use common traits to indicate in which direction you’re currently moving on the blockchain.

Traits of the second type are available based on one-off historical events - we call them legacy traits. This could be your participation in notable fundraising events, huge NFT collections mints, possibly big rug pulls. These are the events that you have no further influence on, as they are long in the past. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that more and more “historical” traits can be added for new events, as the web3 industry is constantly evolving day by day. 

Another type of traits adds a more dynamic twist on top of your already evolving avatar - we call them progression traits. These traits relate to your interaction with major protocols, participating in governance and voting, as well as trading, lending and borrowing activities.

These traits can be further upgraded as you deepen your interaction with the subject. Let's look at an example to understand it further.

Say, some trait (like a hat or a shiny background) is available to you once you have reached a certain trading activity on 1inch aggregator. By the way that would also include the trades you made before minting your Soul! As soon as you hit the next threshold, this very same trait can be upgraded which will be reflected in your avatar - traits will change colors, detailing and so on. For these progression traits there will usually be three main milestones that take you to the next level. 

Important Things

As more and more traits become available to you, or as your traits can be upgraded you can come back to our website every now and then, visit our Сonstructor page and try newly available attributes on.

Two important things - firstly, try to open as many traits as possible to build up your on-chain reputation and have a high rank on the leaderboard. It's important. For Soul's convenience, each trait is ranked from one to six; this is the Rarity Score of an individual trait. The score is available in the constructor during the avatar's customization process. 

It is also crucial to note here that some traits are going to be mutually exclusive. Sometimes you will have to pick, whether you want to display that you invested in Ethereum ICO or if you are an expert Uniswap user, as both traits will be sharing the same trait slot. 


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