Soulbonds Mint Guide

We prepared an "explain like I'm 5" guide to Soulbonds, where we will explain such topics as: how to mint a Soul, how to apply traits, how to share your referral link and how to participate in the giveaways in the simplest terms.

How to mint a Soulbonds NFT on a desktop?

  1. Visit

  2. Either press on the Copy button from one of the Souls shown to you or copy a referral link from our Discord -

  3. Press MINT!

  4. Now you have gotten yourself a Soul, which you can share with other Souls in our Discord!

Gen1 Mint Page
Gen1 Mint Page

How to mint a Soulbonds NFT on a mobile?

  1. Copy a referral link from our Discord

  2. Visit the website, click the three lines on the top-right and connect your wallet!

Mobile Mint Page
Mobile Mint Page

Press MINT!

Mobile Mint Page
Mobile Mint Page

Congratulations! Now you're a holder of a Soulbonds NFT!

How to apply your traits?
Note: This is DESKTOP-ONLY

  1. Go to the Constructor tab on

  2. Login through DegenScore

  3. Select a trait you'd like to equip and press APPLY!

  4. Now you can check and see your Soul's rank

How to participate in the giveaways?
Now you have gotten yourself a Soul, meaning you're eligible for our giveaways!

  1. Visit our Discord -

  2. Connect your wallet in the collabland-join branch!


3. Visit the 🎁 giveaways branch and press ENTER RAFFLE!

Congratulations! You have entered the raffle. Make sure to come back to check the results & register for new raffles.

How to share your referral link?

  1. Go to

  2. Press REF LINK

  3. Share your link with your friends and in our Discord

  4. Once someone used your referral link make sure to claim your ETH reward on the same page by clicking CLAIM!

Rewards Claim Page
Rewards Claim Page
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