What is Soulbonds?

We believe that everyone in this world is unique in one way or another. At the same time, we strongly feel like people are defined by their actions, not just their thoughts and words.

In the world of digital assets we're often left emotionally detached as we hide behind masks of formal hexadecimal addresses. Your own experience can be rich with bright and memorable moments, your own ups and downs.

However, your address only comes across as a list of faceless transactions and balances in the block explorer. Our vision for Soulbonds is to become the heart and soul of your experiences on the chain - something uniquely yours, something you can be proud of.

Soulbonds is a collection of soul-bound tokens (SBTs) tailored to your on-chain persona, where every trait represents an adventure your web3 self ever embarked on. Are you a loyal user of a certain DEX, making lots of swaps on it? Now you can add a cool branded eyepatch to your avatar.

Did you deposit a huge sum to a lending protocol? Your Soul now has a flashy whale pin.

Lost your life savings in a rug pull? Best believe you can let the world know about it with your avatar.

With SBTs, we want to make the first step in empowering the community with a way to create and uphold a digital identity worthy of your achievements. With the widespread adoption and development of blockchain technology, it became possible to trustlessly accumulate, gather and analyze the actions of individuals on-chain.

We're striving to allow you to see what your web3 activity profile is like and showcase it to others most conveniently and stunningly.

How will it work?

Mint & Generations

Souls are going to be minted in two stages. Firstly, there's a limited amount of gen zero, exclusive Soulbound tokens. Gen zero holders will have access to a list of benefits as a sign of acknowledgment for the earliest supporters of the Soulbonds project - notably, greater reward rates.

Did we say rewards for holders? Yes, we did.

Let us elaborate on that. After the generation zero Souls are sold out, next gen SBTs join the party. Users who want to get a gen one Soul will have to find an existing holder (be it a genesis Soul or another gen one) and use them as a referral.

Every time you invite someone to join our community, you get your fair share of the fee for the token mint. Both gen zero and gen one holders can invite others into the Soulbonds community, but genesis holders will receive more rewards for each successful invitation.

Additional utility of generation zero Souls is a limited supply. As generation zero tokens stop minting at a fixed total supply, holders will find themselves with a more exclusive and rare digital asset.


Soulbonds is not a hype-fuelled collection for whales and insiders to make money on. Once you buy a Soul, it is yours forever - the only way to unattach yourself from your avatar is to burn your SBTs. One of the most critical differences between Soulbonds and an ordinary PFP collection is that with us, you're not flexing the purchase of a digital asset and thus showing off the size of your pockets.

What you're showing off with Souls is your achievements and immersion into web3. No point trading something that is a unique reflection of yourself and your actions for profit, am I right?

Flex Your Own Traits

Let your avatar be the complete visual representation of your activity on web3. To come up with a list of game-like on-chain achievements for you, we partnered with DegenScore, who have been gamifying the industry with their scoring and achievements system for a long time now.

Once you mint a Soul, your wallet will be analyzed, and you will see the list of additional traits available based on your past wallet activity. Pick which traits you want to showcase on your avatar, and update it instantly via our DApp.

The list of traits available to you will update and evolve with time, so make sure to check back in now and then to see if anything new pops up. Discover new things in web3 and get more stuff done on the chain to unlock more traits!

Let the world know about your experience in the decentralized world with our beautiful, hand-drawn arts.

Is My Data Safe?

Many large, high-scoring NFT collections have tried to find a reliable way to change the holder's metadata over time without shifting the burden of associated gas fees onto users.

The majority opted out for the easy way out - storing metadata on a centralized server - which is simply against the very spirit of web3. Ironic, isn't it? At Soulbonds, we have found a way to stay loyal to our ideals.

We store your data on Ceramic - a truly decentralized data network like classic IPFS, which can also change and append the stored metadata without losing track of it. We also ensure that you are the only person in the universe who can change your data. Unless you provide a signature generated by your wallet, your data stays untouched at all times and is stored securely across many nodes so it can never be lost.

Pioneering Digital Identity and Reputation

You might think, why the hell do I need an NFT that I cannot flip? Soulbonds is more than a PFP collection. This project aims to kickstart a new use case for NFTs - representing one's digital identity. Your Soul is your reflection in the world of the decentralized web; use it as your reputation indicator.

Our current vision of the future includes several exciting use case scenarios for Soulbonds as a form of digital ID.

The traits you choose for your avatar can be interpreted by third parties, as a sign of trustworthiness or as a proof of experience in certain areas of web3.

For instance, projects can pick users with specific traits to join closed testing stages or become early adopters of new products. A lending protocol could use traits to evaluate users' credit worthiness.

Large communities or DAOs could negotiate and provide unique traits for their members.

Countless opportunities arise for Soulbonds holders and all other interested parties, and we invite you to take this journey with us.

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