SpecieCircle V2 - The Journey

In SpecieCircle, shops are created with the purpose of community governance, open transparency, and open supply chain management. The V1 Smart Contracts of SpecieCircle introduced open supply chain management built completely on-chain, along with token minting with item purchases.

The V2 Smart Contracts of SpecieCircle will introduce timed escrow & refund accounts, enabling minting of ERC20 and ERC721 smart contracts directly from the main smart contract.

Timed Escrow & Refund accounts

Timed Escrow & Refund accounts allow purchasers the comfort of purchasing an item, waiting until it's confirmed and arrived, and then releasing the funds to the shop and minting the token reward, governance token, or NFT to the purchaser.

Self Minting

Self Minting for ERC20 and ERC721 allows shops to create tokens in their marketplaces directly from SpecieCircle, whether the tokens are used as governance tokens or token rewards, or the NFTs are used as coupons, on-chain certificates, or for a community PFP movement. SpecieCircle V2 Contracts allow for more community engagement, more community value circulation, and, most importantly, a better customer experience.

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