Spinamp raises $1.2M to build Music NFT Player

Listening to Music NFTs is an essential part of the collecting journey.

For the past year, Spinamp has been building an aggregator that combines tracks minted across all platforms into one player and marketplace.

You can think of Spinamp like Spotify meeting OpenSea.

As the market continues to expand - so does our mission to create the best listening and collecting experience for Music NFTs at large.

To accomplish this goal, we’ve raised $1.25M led by Palm Tree Crew Crypto to build a Music NFT aggregator and player.

Other investors include Coop Records, Archetype, NoiseDAO, Fire Eyes DAO, 1kx, Reuben Bramanathan (Ideo), DegenDavinci (top Music NFT collector), Adam Levy (Mint Podcast), David Greenstein (Sound.xyz), Kyle Dhillon (Arpeggi), Mike Perry (Heds), Ramtin Khoee (Heds), Cameron Greer (Heds) and Christina Beltramini (Lens).

Music NFT Aggregation and Player

Spinamp aggregates and indexes Music NFTs from Sound, Catalog, Nina, Zora, NOIZD, Lens, Arpeggi, Decent, OpenSea Collections, Songcamp, HedsDAO, Manifold and over 30 other smaller platforms and artist-owned contracts.

Our exploration, playlists, and collections include all Music NFTs across all platforms and minting platforms, providing the best experience for listeners and collectors.

Explore web3 music
Explore web3 music

Spinamp allows you to collect directly through a music player, as you listen to music. This creates a more holistic experience that amplifies the joy of discovering and liking a track on Spotify with the connection that comes from collecting that music as an NFT.

While not on mobile yet, we believe that Spinamp Collect sets a strong standard for the way music should be collected and shared.

Putting Music and Artists First

Spinamp focuses on listening first, then collecting. By putting the music first, Spinamp can provide the best experience by seamlessly merging the collecting and listening experience into one intuitive flow.

We  believe it's important for musicians to be recognized as artists, not just for their NFTs and collections.

With Spinamp, artists can customize and craft the listening experience that their fans will have with custom skins and playlists.

Daniel Allan's custom profile
Daniel Allan's custom profile

Our profiles merge music across various platforms to one profile - allowing you to easily see an artist’s full catalog in one place.

This applies to collectors too - who can easily see all their Music NFTs under their profile.

Thanks to Spinamp Rewards, curators get paid as well.

If someone collects a song through your playlist on Spinamp, you receive a portion of the mint if the underlying NFT supports curator rewards.

Trending Tracks and Trending Playlists allow you to get a birds eye view of which Music NFTs are performing best across the sector at large.

Simply put - Spinamp is the best way to stay up to date with the best music in web3.

Free to Listen, Valuable to Own

Just like how Crypto Art is free for anyone to view and valuable to own, we believe the same for Music NFTs in that it's free to listen to and valuable to own.

Spinamp makes it easy to listen to and collect music - listen through a playlist or collection and as you come across something that pulls at your heartstrings, collect it then and there to own your connection to it. From there, follow that artist and explore more of their work as you grow into a collector of theirs.

Open distribution creates more opportunities for a larger audience and, in return, gets more fans to become collectors of the artist.

Mint directly on Spinamp
Mint directly on Spinamp

Spinamp aims to drive additional volume to music minted across other platforms - and create a canvas to showcase all those assets in one place.

With Spinamp - you can easily listen to an artist’s entire discography and collect without ever leaving the app.

Infrastructure for Music Builders

Spinamp has built an infrastructure that stores all the aggregated Music NFT data and makes it available via APIs and SDKs, making it easier for applications to build with Music NFTs. We also have infrastructure for playlisting and curation to support wider composability across the Music NFT ecosystem.

To access Spinamp’s growing set of tools, visit https://dev.spinamp.xyz/

Excited for the Future

Spinamp is excited for the future of the Music NFT space and looks forward to playing a role in its adoption.

Spinamp will continue to put Music at the forefront of the experience and embrace the values of the Music NFT technology and community.

Our goals for this year are to make the Music NFT world more accessible, engaging and enjoyable for music fans and to enhance how Music NFTs as a social technology can stimulate music subculture and grow community.

Some things you can look forward to soon include:

  • Spinamp for Artists: Better tools for artists to craft their profiles and engage with their communities

  • Social: Easier ways to follow and stay connected to artists you love and keep up with their work

  • Collection: Easier ways to share your music collection and taste with others and better ways to browse and discover music through others in the Music NFT community

Visit Spinamp's site at http://www.spinamp.xyz/ to download the app and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

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