GM! Join the Beta Testnet 🫡

We are excited to announce the launch of the Private Beta for Stackr's SDK! This is a significant milestone in our development as for the first time we open up the SDK to people all around the globe. We can’t wait to see what the community ends up building with micro-rollups.

This Private Beta is a significant step towards achieving our vision of making blockchain app development simpler by providing the necessary tools and introducing the paradigm of building your apps as rollups, or “single-app rollups” in other words. During this phase, we will be giving access to a select group of developers, allowing them to explore the world of micro-rollups and test the limits of the Stackr SDK.

We aim to gather feedback, encourage users to identify issues, and suggest improvements to refine and enhance the platform.

At the end of this post, we’ve added instructions on how you can apply for access to the Stackr SDK. For now, let’s dive into what you can build with micro-rollups!

Building with the Stackr SDK ⚒️

Disclaimer: The SDK currently is highly experimental and we do not recommend it for production use as of this phase of Private Beta.

The SDK lets developers easily build micro-rollups using TypeScript. Micro-Rollups are self-hosted off-chain services that maintain their state, accept actions to generate a new state based on incoming requests, and transmit blocks to Stackr’s Verification Layer for checking correctness and eventually settlement and data availability on parent chain. This aligns with what you would want out of a crypto-powered backend framework.

What to build on micro-rollups?

Anything that could be built with smart-contracts could be built better with a combination of smart contracts and micro-rollups. The idea that micro-rollups enable verifiable off-chain compute unlocks a multitude of use-cases that were not possible or were too unoptimized to be done fully on-chain.

The team has curated and categorised a list of ideas and verticals where we think interesting use-cases of micro-rollups are waiting to be discovered and built!

Peruse the list and reach out to us if you’re exploring a similar use-case.

  1. On-chain apps

    1. Payments

      1. Transfers

      2. Streaming

      3. Micro-payments (smol money)

    2. Frames

      • Games

      • P2P Swaps

      • Verifiable Polls

      • Token Distribution

      • Prediction Market

    3. Games

      1. Simulation Engines

      2. Autonomous worlds

      3. In-game assets

    4. DeFi protocols

      1. Lending/Borrowing

      2. DEX / Orderbooks

      3. LST

      4. Airdrops

      5. Prediction Markets

    5. NFT protocols

    6. DAOs and Governance

  2. On-chain Infrastructure

    1. Identity

    2. Programmable VMs

    3. AVS frameworks

    4. Oracles

    5. Shared Sequencers

    6. Account Abstraction and Intents

      • Solver Marketplace

      • Decentralised Bundler

      • Unified Mem-pool

    7. Attestations

      • Reputation Systems

      • Points Systems

      • Engagement score on social graphs.

      • Credit score for DeFi

    8. Two sided Marketplaces

    9. Social graphs

    10. Reputation Engine

    11. Social Media Protocols

    12. On-chain Agents

    13. AI/ML use-cases

  3. DePIN

    1. dRPC

    2. Storage

    3. Compute

    4. IoT

    5. Indexers

The only limit is your imagination 💭

How to get access?

Developers can apply for access to the SDK through the link below

👉🏻 Beta Access Form

The team will periodically review all requests and approve access for the selected few developers. The approved developers will have to mint the Beta Access Pass on Sepolia to be able to create a micro-rollup.

In the meantime, we recommend developers to go through the docs and understand the system.


We’re thrilled to be kicking-off the Private Beta! The team has worked incredibly hard, seven days a week, to bring this to life and get the SDK in to the hands of the developers. The Stackr Stack is a work in progress and we’re continuously making improvements and thinking through the next steps of what’s required to make it the best tooling in the ecosystem to build applications.

For any queries, join the community on Discord, Telegram or Twitter or shoot an email at gm[at]

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