Introducing the Playground 🧸

Micro-Rollups are an evolution of how app-specific rollups, or single-app rollups, should be built. It was only fair that we reimagined what the developer tooling should look like to significantly enhance the process of building a micro-rollup.

And, that’s how the Micro-Rollup Playground was birthed!

The Playground is primarily a dev tool, which provides a full-featured interface to interact with your MRU, view actions processed, blocks formed, granular finality of each action, and enables action-by-action state rewind, all inside the developers’ browser.

Feature Highlight

The team at Stackr has put together the Playground with a lot of passion and love. We’d like to showcase a few features that we think are a stand-out compared to the other dev tooling available in the ecosystem

MRU Interface

Developers can directly interact with their micro-rollup and send actions through the Playground interface.

The Playground picks up all the defined state transition functions and the action schemas and provides a visual way to interact with your Rollup after connecting your favorite wallet to it.

This feature solves a major pain point of developers building micro-rollups around interacting with the rollup for testing and significantly improves the feedback loop between implementing the business logic and checking that it’s working as it’s supposed to.

Tiered Confirmation Levels

At the heart of micro-rollups is the concept of tiered confirmations. Through the lifecycle of an action, you have several different confirmation levels which the developers can utilise to build flexible experiences, optimised for their use-case.

The smooth animation on the Playground depicts the confirmation level of an action in real time

State Rewind

As micro-rollups have a state machine at its core, each action sent to the micro-rollup effects a state transition function which may produce a new state for the machine. It’s only logical that developers are able to inspect the state of the state machine, action-by-action.

And many other cool features…

Fun fact!

Playground is the first plugin in the Stackr ecosystem! More useful tools are expected to be added to Stackr’s Plugin suite in the future. 🤝

How to set it up?

Head over to the docs for instructions on how to setup the Playground Plugin with your micro-rollup.


The Playground is only the beginning of making micro-rollup development as intuitive as possible. It provides a glimpse into the future of blockchain app development. With the Stackr SDK and the Playground, developers have robust tools to build innovative use-cases for single-app rollups and push the boundaries of the crypto ecosystem.

The Future

This is just step 1 into our vision of redesigning block explorers in a app-specific world. The Playground is just a developer tool and helps ease the micro-rollup development process. In world of multiple micro-rollups we would need a much bigger and a more versatile explorer that can not only display data per MRU but also provide ways to interact with it.

Stay tuned as we have big plans for that as well

If you're interested in trying out the Playground, apply for beta access to the Stackr SDK through the sign-up form!

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