Why we’re building StakeBoard

We decided to build the ultimate web3 staking dashboard. Here’s why.

First, we think staking should be way easier than it is.

It’s too complex for your average (non-degen) user and too easy get buried in crypto terms and jargon when you simply want to stake easily and ensure your stakes are active.

Second, the existing dashboards out there weren’t cutting it.

We wanted to keep an eye on our active stakes, see how much we were earning and an eye on better opportunities. We felt we could build something better and easier for new stakers, but powerful enough even seasoned-stakers will find it useful.

Non-custodial wallets are the future.

If 2022 taught us anything, is that you truly can’t trust anyone with your crypto assets. Even large seemingly trustworthy businesses.

Web3 is built around this idea of ownership, where you don’t need to trust anyone. Not your keys, not your coins. StakeBoard connects with your existing wallet and doesn’t need any special permissions and won’t touch your coins directly. We help curate the best staking services and surface those to the top.

That’s it for now, later staker!

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