Minascan: Meet Governance!

Minascan is taking the lead in developing the powerful Governance functionality for the Mina protocol, and today we would like to present you the first yet quite complete version of the dashboard.

In this release, we will introduce you to the features of governance in Mina, how to vote and how to view the voting and tallying process in the Minascan explorer.


The Voting Period starts after the MIP Process. We have placed all the details about this procedures in our reference on the “Votes” page, and you can find it as indicated below:

Thus, by sending a transaction with a vote, you will be able to track the results in this table. And the diagram below from our reference will explain to you what each status means:


The final proposals selected during the MIP process can be seen in the list:

You can also open the reference on this page and learn more details about the MIP process and the Voting process:

Proposal Details

The proposals also contain a rich amount of details. Let's take a closer look at them below.

In addition to the description the following details are available:

  • Proposer name / Id

  • Link to the discussion on the MinaResearch forum

  • Results - the current results of vote tallying

  • Percent Voted - the ratio of the voting power participated in the voting process to the total Mina supply at the time when votes are tallied

  • The timeline displays all the stages in time that this proposal went through

  • The flexible “Votes” table shows you how to filter the vote signals for a given proposal by many criteria (for example, you can find which validators voted “no“).



The timeline displays the stages of a proposal. These stages include off-chain activity within the MIP process and on-chain activity within the voting process (marked with special labels).

Account Header: UI Update

We are setting the stage for the implementation of wallet operations, and in this release we have made some improvements to the interface for account details.

Now the balance and its equivalent in USD are always displayed separately, and you don’t have to look for it.

Improved “Epoch” widget on Home page

More updates

  • We added a bunch of new placeholders

  • Updated a number of tooltips

  • Several minor fixes and improvements

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