(Release 6.0) Minascan + Mina ZK on Berkeley by Staketab Team
November 11th, 2022

Explorer name and domain changed

After a year and a half, our explorer has come a long way since we launched our validator dashboard. It's time to call a spade a spade. Meet Minascan and look forward to many interesting updates in the near future.


Minascan Home Page

Coming soon!

Berkeley & Hardfork

From now on, we mainly support the Berkeley network in updates, until a hard fork. Afterwards, all the new features of the explorer from the Berkeley network will be available on the mainnet.


Well, let's go through the main updates of the new release:

How to find new features

Switch to Berkeley to see new features.

Now you will not miss new features, because we have introduced the highlighting of pages with updates.

zkApp Transactions

zkApp Transaction Details

We have started and are going to continue to support the convenience of viewing transaction details as a key functionality of the Mina blockchain, and for the convenience of zkApp development. Any feedback is welcome. Developer feedback is highly welcome!

Balance Change in Transaction Details

Raw Data for Transaction Details

zkApp on Account Details

New columns in Block list

Explorer: https://minascan.io/

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