Meet Minascan Apps!

The Mina Directory is a map of the Mina landscape, constantly in flux as new projects are discovered and documented. It is a community-managed public resource expanding as the ecosystem does (read more below).

Mina ecosystem is growing rapidly as blockchain evolves.

We've compiled the most comprehensive list of projects, teams, zkApps and developer tools - there are over 100+ of them already.


  • Filter zkApp/non-zk-App projects

  • Explore projects and companies by the selected category

  • Hide projects in inactive status from viewing

  • Change card viewing style

  • Explore projects details, links, social info

  • Explore zkIgnite proposal details

  • See related projects

And more coming in the future.

Opensource Directory - Coming Soon!

We have prepared a configuration in Github for editing projects and will very soon provide it to the community. Wait for the announcement!

About Minascan

Minascan is the largest explorer on the Mina blockchain with a user-friendly interface, over 20 unique features and full support for all Mina networks. Explorer has always been an ecosystem project, as we were the first to provide a dashboard and naming service to validators.

Minascan APIs will also be coming soon as an API platform for Mina.

Attention for Community and Developers

The Minascan Directory will be further carefully supported and have greater integration with the Mina blockchain, API, our related products. Its development was planned a long time ago before the first proposals appeared on zkIgnite.

We do not pursue competition; we are ready to interact with other sources of viewing zkApps by providing links to them.

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