Minascan: Homepage, Instant Transaction Details

In this update, we have prepared a nice holiday gift for you. Check out what's new.


After almost 2 years of active development of the Mina blockchain, we are finally happy to present you the explorer Homepage, available on all Mina blockchain networks. Enjoy!

New and awesome transaction details

We have simplified the transaction interface to make it clean and easy to read and navigate on any type of device. We hope you appreciate it.

And yet, this is not all the changes!

Now transactions are instant: when you send a transaction, you can immediately see it in the explorer. This works equally well on all networks, including for zk transactions.

Transaction details contain the unique and largest number of details in the description.

  • We show you the balance changes of involved accounts.

  • A detailed description of account changes for zk transactions.

  • Only on Minascan.io you can see the real amount that will be included in the staking according to the sent transaction of the delegation. The account balance tracking algorithm is working successfully.

  • You can see the equivalent of the amount in USD

Transaction details: Auto-update. When opening transactions, you will receive status updates automatically as soon as they appear on the blockchain and the system will notify you when the transaction is completed.

All transactions are in one list. Forget those splits into separate lists of pending transactions from the mempool and lists of confirmed ones. Everything in one place.


  • We've added improved placeholders for errors and widget data

  • Widget UI improved

  • Skeleton loading improved


More updates

  • Fixed a bit different values of active validators in the widget and table

  • Navigation issue fix

  • Some minor fixes and improvements

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