Stargaze Updates May 2023

Celebrating One Year of Stargaze Marketplace 

We're thrilled to announce that May marked the one-year anniversary of the Stargaze Marketplace! It has been an incredible journey. Lets highlight some remarkable achievements:

Marketplace Metrics

Non-inclusive of primary sales
Non-inclusive of primary sales

Total Marketplace Secondary Sales: $5,659,232 
Sales: 175,551 
NFT Buyers: 19,969
Creator Royalty Earnings: $371,793

Non-inclusive of primary sales
Non-inclusive of primary sales

Marketplace Revenue: Stakers earn real yield from half of Marketplace revenue. Cumulative Revenue (Fair Burn): $142,288 Fair Burn fees: 50% goes back to the community (stakers), and 50% are burned (deflationary aspect of the chain).

10 Million STARS burned via Fair Burn as of May 30th 2023

May 2023 Updates

☆ Governance Proposals for May:

Passed: Prop #164 - Deploy Pixel Wizards cw-wager contract. 

Stargaze Tokenomics Announcement
Stargaze Tokenomics Announcement

Passed: Signaling Prop #165 - Stargaze Tokenomics Update 2.0 

  • Reduce total inflation by 60% Achieve a Net Staking Yield of ~+7% to no longer dilute STARS stakers. 

  • Lower the max supply from 4B STARS to 3B. 

  • Reach tail-end token emission (95% of max supply) by the year 2027 vs. 2040 (1 year thirdening period vs. 3 year thirdening period). 

Passed: Prop #166 - Sg721 Updatable Contract v2.3.1. A contract that allows the migration from existing v2 collections to mutable, or the creation of new ones with mutable metadata, allowing for “reveal later” or “evolving” NFTs.

☆ Launchpad Update

Eight featured spots: Get a spotlight on the most noteworthy and high-profile collections on the Launchpad.

Sort and view by: 

  • Mint/floor price

  • 24hr mint % volume(trending)

  • Unique minters

  • Airdropped %

  • Royalties

  • Total supply minted

☆ Homepage Update has the latest sales, mints and listings.

☆ Marketplace Updates

  • Token view 3x faster

  • Card size selection

  • Card stack when ‘select multiple’ is on

  • Sweep the floor of your favorite NFT collections

☆ Stargaze Wallet Updates

Wallet/profile sorting: You can now sort your profile by Price, Rarity, ID, and Name.

Ledger support for Stargaze when using Yieldmos.

Stargaze support is now LIVE on all Leap products. Available for iOS and Android mobile apps, browser extension, and web dashboard.

Keplr 2.0 Released

  • Multichain assets in one page

  • Search assets & chains

  • Claim all rewards in one click

  • User-customizable chain visibility

Stargaze integration with XDEFI wallet. All Stargaze NFTs now appear in XDEFI wallet. 

☆ Contract Update

Free mints: minimum mint price is now 0 STARS, explore Studio.

Mutable contracts are now available: Fixing mistakes in metadata & NFT reveals are now possible.

Allocating an exact amount of tokens for each address in a whitelist is now possible with flexible whitelists. Useful for airdropping tokens to the holders of another collection.

☆ Announcements

Game of NFTs Phase II has kicked off. Developers are encouraged to build something that combines Interchain NFTs with Interchain Security and maximizes the capability of IBC, helping grow submissions into viable products that add value to the ATOM economic zone.

Stargaze Track
1st Place: $25k in STARS
2nd Place: $15k in STARS
3rd Place: $10k in STARS

First Ethereum (testnet) NFT to Stargaze (testnet) transfer via Gravity Bridge complete.

What's on the Horizon

  • Infinity Swap first audit has completed, with the second audit on its way to completion. Infinity Swap is an NFT AMM platform that facilitates seamless buying and selling of NFTs through liquidity pools. It operates on an AMM mechanism that automatically determines prices based on supply and demand, providing a user-friendly marketplace for NFT traders. Check out this tweet for a closer look at what Infinity Swap will look like. Audit Report.

  • Live auctions are coming soon to Stargaze. Bidders will compete with higher bids in a time frame, building excitement until the highest bidder claims the NFT. 

  • Stargaze DAOs powered by DAO DAO is on testnet. 

  • Open edition minter is almost finalized. This new feature enables the creation of collections with unlimited supply but stops minting after a given amount of time, ideal for activities like raffles. Learn more in the Community Pool Funding Request.

  • We are collaborating with IRIS Network to enable seamless transfer of Ethereum NFTs, expanding possibilities for creators and collectors. Gravity provides the bridge between blockchain networks, allowing secure and efficient asset transfer. Learn more about using Gravity through the official documentation on GitHub: Gravity-Docs or join the community on Discord: Gravity Discord. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting venture.

  • Supporting offers in Marketplace with $stSTARS / $qSTARS. Users won’t have to choose between staking their $STARS and placing an offer.

Note: Analytics are approximate figures and subject to periodic updates.

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