Stargaze 2022 Q1 Roadmap

It’s been an insane few months since Stargaze launched on Oct 29, 2021. We first outlined a phased launch plan in this post, and have successfully completed Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Network Bootstrapping Phase

To recap what the Stargaze community has accomplished since launch:

Most of the above are part of bootstrapping the network to add liquidity to the market and distribute the token. The rest are tooling and infrastructure needed to support the launch of the marketplace. Almost all of it happened via governance proposals from the community.

But, the next phase is when the real fun really starts.

NFT Market Launch Phase

Big Bang: Genesis Mint (March 2, 2022)

Stargaze is almost ready to enter the next and most fun phase, the NFT market. However, the Cosmos ecosystem doesn’t have any NFT tooling yet. Before trading in a secondary market, creators need primary market minting tools. Stargaze will enable this with Genesis Mint.

On March 2nd, Stargaze will launch Genesis Mint where collectors will be able to mint their first NFTs. The team will publish documentation and tooling in the coming weeks for creators to be able to get their collections ready for launch. Please join the #creators channel in Discord to follow along as launch tools become available.

Airdrop recipients will be able to claim Mission #4 (another 20% of their airdrop allocation) by minting an NFT. They have until 4 months after the launch of the marketplace to mint an NFT to claim Mission #4 before the airdrop allocation starts decaying.

Airdrop rewards decay 4 months after marketplace launch
Airdrop rewards decay 4 months after marketplace launch

If you’re a creator interested in participating in Genesis Mint, please submit an application.

Some of the confirmed projects launching include:

  • Andromaverse (play to earn game)
  • Army of Ra
  • Baby Atom (PFP)
  • Colonial Cats
  • Cosmic Cats
  • Cosmonauts (3D PFP)
  • Deep Gems
  • Kinetic (generative)
  • Nots NFTs
  • Stargaze Troopers (PFP)

All of these projects have channels in the Stargaze Discord under the NFT Projects category. Many more are in the works.

Supernova: Marketplace Launch

The NFT marketplace will open for trading 2-3 weeks after Genesis Mint, allowing collectors to sell their NFTs. Shortly after launch of the marketplace, airdrop recipients will able to claim the final 20% of their airdrop (Mission #5) by bidding on an NFT.

Join the Community

Come hang out with us in Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. This is a community owned project, and the team is always open to comments and feedback from the community. Come chill with us.

Ad Astra,

Team Stargaze

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