Genesis Reveal

The Stargaze Genesis Mint takes place on Friday, March 11 at 4:00 PM EST

Acre NFT

A generative nature-focused NFT with a supply of 4,840, with ALL proceeds going to support Ogallala Life, a non-profit working to recharge the Ogallala Aquifer. | Medium Twitter | Discord


ANYO means shape. Shape of emotion. Sigbin. Filipino folklore. Lore modernised. Looking at loife. Looking back at you. You looking at yourself. ANYO is a collection of 100 unique art pieces depicting loife. All of them exploring a certain philosophical aspect of the ever mysterious, ever-fleeting concept that is loife. Everything from work, anxiety, love, nature, obsession, technology, the sun, the moon and the STARS and forever so on. A red thread throughout the entire collection is a cute but sometimes devilish, always more or less squarish figure - this/that/he/she/it/they - is Sigbin. Sigbin is part of ancient Filipino folklore. This collection offers a modernised look at Sigbin, or allows Sigbin to take a look at our loife. See it however you want. | Twitter

Baby Atom

All the 6,000 Babies fall on Cosmos. After the mint, a DAO will be created with the holders to decide, together, how to invest the 20% of the total mint revenue (around 80,000 $STARS). We can create a Game, a Manga, a Brand, or what we want! | Website Twitter | Discord

Bad Kids

This project is procedurally generated bad drawings of bad kids. Even though they look simplistic, the underlying art engine is complex and features 400+ parts, over a dozen unique metadata traits, and multiple levels of rarity. Each bad kid also has built-in stats based on their parts. Make art, do crimes. | Twitter

Colonial Cats

PFPs with utility. These cats will will enable community based validators across the Cosmos chains. Funds collected from the mint will be used to run as many validators as possible. Benefits to NFT holders: Share in the royalties and validators commissions. 999 $GATA NFTs | Twitter | Discord

Cosmos Constellations

Constellations by the crazy and wild #TrashArt O.G. @ZiggyCrypto ⚡️ Come check out this special 88 piece ZiggyNFT collection exclusively on Stargaze! Each one a colorful constellation PFP. | Twitter

Glitch Candies

Glitch Candies is a collection of 400 generative hand crafted audio visual animated candies utilising sound synthesis and GLSL shaders to create evolving loops and patterns. It’s hand crafted as creator Koshi literally jams with the algorithms rendering the pieces. Json files are used here as settings of the patch. I can load each NFT like a preset in my custom made software. | Website | Twitter | Discord


Hyperion is a multi-dimensional exploration of complex movement in generative art, created entirely with code. It is inspired by the infinite potential of movement— from atoms, to cells, to planetary maneuvers: every point in time is unique. Hyperion, too, captures spectrums of texture and color with mathematical precision rendered in real time. Collectors and viewers experience the NFT in motion, rendered in any resolution, in real time. | Website | Twitter | Discord

IBC Frens

IBC Frens is a collection of Alien (and frens) characters conceptualized by Patrik Lidin, hand-drawn by Sara Sánchez, and delivered together with a small but growing team. The mission of the IBC Frens is to bring value to the ecosystem through the building of | Website | Twitter | Discord

Meta Rats

There will be rats among the stars 💫 From the creators that built a community of cheese connoisseurs 🧀 comes Genesis Rats by Metarats. 1,111 mutated rats on a mission to save the Metaverse. | Twitter | Discord


Nots is a Cosmos NFT series that celebrates the unique qualities of each IBC Token. All Nots will have Futuristic Astronaut Qualities to pay homage to Cosmos and provide continuity from one series to the next. These qualities are merged with unique token characteristics. For example, the JuggerNot wears Roman armor in reference to the Roman Goddess, Juno, who protected Rome. | Twitter | Discord


Community Driven Interoperable Deflationary NFT Trading P2E Game built on @JunoNetwork. Mint, earn, trade true cross-chain NFTs. $OWLIES Airdrop date: Early Q2 2022. Owlies will have auto-compounding rewards built in for $OWLIES stakers. Twitter | Discord

Stargaze Punks

A PFP project whose creators personally think it is immoral to oversell something and refuse to do that. The Spunks are meant to be fair priced and accessible PFPs for Cosmonauts. Their cost is about 1% of a full $STARS airdrop, or a few days of inflation. Fun fact: the founder and artist on StargazePunks are both women | Website | Twitter Discord

Stargaze Troopers

8,128 SGTs deploying on March 11th. Delegate 1000 $STARS to our validator for a genesis soundtrack NFT. | Twitter | Discord

Women From Cosmos

Women From Cosmos is a female artist-led collection of hand-drawn 1/1 PFPs launching on Stargaze. Every piece is hand-drawn. With this collection, we want to celebrate unique, strong, and empowered women, and build a community to inspire others. We want to make women seen, not only in the NFT space, but also on the crypto scene 🤝 We have to rise up that % ladies! | Twitter | Discord

Join the Community

Come hang out with us in Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. This is a community owned project, and the team is always open to comments and feedback from the community. Come chill with us.

Ad Astra,

Team Stargaze

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