Introducing MetaMaterial, Interoperability of Blockchain Games
April 8th, 2022

We are excited to introduce MetaMaterial, which provides interoperability to blockchain games.


What’s MetaMaterial?

MetaMaterial is a protocol that allows Blockchain games to share resources/items/weapons with each other. This service is inspired by Loot, and all NFTs are constructed from strings.

Our proposal is to realize the Blockchain game’s interoperability by starting from an ultimately simple NFT.


Many blockchain games exist today, but most of them are not interoperable. Even when games have interoperability, they are often connected via API.
However, one of the features of blockchain is "Permissionlessness". Protocol-to-protocol connections do not require permission or API. If you imagine Defi, protocols integrate other protocols more freely to create more interesting and complex products. That's the beauty of building on the blockchain. It's permissionless, interoperable, and composable.
So, why can't we develop a way to help blockchain games be natively interoperable?

What would happen if this permissionless feature were to be introduced to the world of blockchain games?


We propose a very simple solution to solve the problem. MetaMaterial provides many kinds of material NFTs with string data, which has no images and properties. At first, we constructed a world of strings and then sprinkled a little magic over it.

MetaMaterial has three main contracts, Daily Bonus Contract, Craft Contract, and Wrap Contract.

Daily Bonus Contract

This contract allows users to mint a primitive material daily.
*The testnet version allows users to mint it every 100 seconds for a faster improvement.

There are 4 types of primitive materials, Soil, Oil, Seed, and Iron. In order to bootstrap, users will mint 10 materials first up.

The number of materials that can be minted at once, the waiting time, the types of primitive materials and their ratios, and other figures are likely to change in the future.

Craft Contract

Additionally, MetaMaterial includes a Craft Contract. Users can generate many kinds of items and weapons through this contract with minted materials.
e.g.) 4 Soil to 1 Brick, 1 Wood plus 1 Iron to 1 Sword.

Wrap Contract

Wrap Contract works as a converter for each Blockchain game. If a Blockchain game wants to adopt MetaMaterials NFTs, the service provider is required to deploy a wrap contract that adds image and property data to our NFTs.

Key Points: Permissionless, Composable, and Scalable

We would like to emphasize that Craft Contract and Wrap Contract can be deployed Permissionless by communities and service providers.

In other words, the community is free to expand the variety of craft recipes with unlimited possibilities.
Service providers are free to import Metamaterial’s materials with Wrap contract.

The above mechanisms introduce network effects and interoperability into the Blockchain Game World.

Imagine bringing the brick blocks of the Mario world into the Minecraft world.

Imagine the pickaxe in the Minecraft world that can be used in the Zelda world.

Usage of Phi

We have now deployed MetaMaterial on StarkNet's Testnet. MetaMaterial items are now available on Phi, another service of ours.


MetaMaterial is an experimental protocol and many of its features have yet to be tested. We need to do a lot of testing to achieve interoperability in Blockchain Games. Please understand that this protocol is experimental and we welcome you to do a lot of test play. We also welcome Blockchain Games to adopt MetaMaterial and developers to create additional Craft Contracts and Wrap Contracts.

Future Works

It is a very experimental protocol, however, we may work on expanding Craft Recipes and creating avatars using MetaMaterial in the future.

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