Protocol Liquidity-as-a-Service by StarSeeds Protocol

For the first time on Polygon, Protocols can now obtain up to $500K in permanent revenue producing liquidity without up-front costs.

Here’s how it works.

1. Protocols may apply for liquidity at at no cost.

2. Liquidity Applications are graded from F-SSS through a full-spectrum proprietary 16 step process engineered by some of the world’s most successful Tokenomic evaluation experts.

3.1 Applications with an F rating are denied.
3.2. Applications with a D rating are given a set of criteria that, if met, will upgrade their rating to C or higher.
3.3 Applications with a C rating may receive up to $20K in SP liquidity.
3.4 Applications with a B rating are granted up to $50K in SP & STARV3-M.
3.5 Applications with an A Rating are granted up to $100K in SP, STARV3-M & STARV3.
3.6. Applications with an S Rating are granted up to $200K in SP, STARV3-M & STARV3 and have a maximum liquidation cap of 40%.
3.7. SS applications are granted up to $300K, receive a larger percentage of STARV3 liquidity, do not pay liquidity fees, and have a maximum liquidation cap of 20%.
3.8 SSS applications are granted up to $500K in STARV3 liquidity, are not required to deposit insurance collateral or pay liquidity fees, and are exempt from liquidation.

Once an application has been approved, the applicant then makes a transfer of their Protocol Token to the StarSeeds Protocol’s Master Polygon Multi-Sig. Then, those tokens are paired with StarSeeds Protocol tokens and placed into V2 QuickSwap and Weighted Balancer Pools on Polygon Network.

Depending on the applicants rating, an additional amount of their Protocol token is held by the StarSeeds Protocol as insurance collateral. If/when approved applicants token value drops more then 5% below the exchange rate at the time of StarSeeds Protocol liquidity deployment, the applicants insurance collateral tokens are used automatically to buy StarSeeds Protocol tokens to offset the loss to StarSeeds Protocol.

If/when applicant token value drops more than 20% from the initial exchange rate, a portion of the applicant’s liquidity is removed and used to buy StarSeeds Protocol tokens.

Rank C-A tokens that drop by more than 50% of the initial swap rate may be subject to complete liquidation.

In addition to insurance collateral, applicants with C, B, A or S ratings provide a small number of their protocol tokens as a payment to StarSeeds Protocol.

Rates are as follows.
C Rated Applicants: 18% apr for SP liquidity
B Rated Applicants: 12% apr for SP & STARV3-M liquidity
A Rated Applicants: 8% apr for SP & STARV3-M liquidity. 24% for STARV3 liquidity.
S Rated Applicants: 4% apr for SP & STARV3-M liquidity. 12% for STARV3 liquidity.

Liquidity payments can be made directly or deducted from liquidity.

100% of Swap fees are automatically compounded. Provided Liquidity and compounded fees are permanent, except if used as detailed above for collateral or costs.

STARV3, SP, and STARV3-M are uniquely designed to be exceptionally beneficial liquidity pool tokens. Offering much higher than standard trade volume and value appreciation, which add growing value over time to all paired tokens.

Learn more about the unique Characteristics of StarSeeds Protocol tokens at

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