STARV3 EcoSystem Contracts and Functions

StarSeeds Protocol has deployed STARV3 on Polygon alongside a suite of synergistic smart contracts designed to increase STARV3’s liquidity, trade volume, and exchange rate over time.

STARV3 Details:
Polygon Contract: 0xA571963278014B5B3A686778747fDf8ad4dFBb94
10,000,000 Maximum Supply at initialization
00.11% Burn on Transfer.
00.11% Tax on Transfer.

STARV3 is StarSeeds Protocol’s flagship token, designed for maximum exchange rate growth.

The initial supply of 10M STARV3 is held inside the StarSeeds Master Polygon Treasury Account. STARV3 only exits the Treasury when deployed or swapped by the StarSeeds Protocol into liquidity pools alongside other tokens such as Matic, BTC, ETH, FTM and other StarSeeds Protocol Tokens.

STAR-Materia (STARV3-M) Details:
Polygon Contract: 0xF32E6dC7709c596c5a5f328fa01eDd8eC3F62517
10,000,000,000 Maximum Supply at initialization.
0.2% Burn on Transfer.
0.5% Tax on Transfer.

STARV3-M is designed for stability & steady exchange rate growth.

Primarily paired to WBTC/tBTC/USDC and interest bearing derivative tokens such as wCash/yvUSDC-A, WBTC-tBTC & WBTC-USDC V3 on-chain managed, compounding LP tokens.

STAR-POWER (SP) Details:
[Polygon Contract: 0x72d31b6dD46DaaE07391036097A2CB4648991eCD](\)\
333,333,333,333 Maximum Supply at initialization
0.5% Burn on Transfer.
0.7% Tax on Transfer.

SP is designed for maximum volatility and periods of exponential exchange rate growth.

Primarily paired to ETH/MATIC, leveraged or interest bearing derivative tokens such as ETHBULL3X, wstETH, WETH-MATIC V3 on-chain managed, compounding LP tokens & volatile, high volume tokens such as oRETRO, liveRETRO, and MiMATIC.

SP is used routinely by the StarSeeds Protocol to swap for STARV3 tokens, which are then used to mint or trade for Origin Relic NFTs. The token yield from NFTs minted this way are used to trade for SP.

STAR-Credits (SSC) Details:
Polygon Contract: 0xA1F700a822f8B70c62F795Fd74b57EC6131F4A85
100,000,000,000 Maximum Supply at initialization.
0.02% Burn on Transfer.
0.05% Tax on Transfer.

Star Credits are regenerative farming tokens, distributed as an extra incentive to trade, mint, hold & stake StarSeeds Protocol tokens.

SSC tokens can be utilized at a rate of 1000 SSC = 1 STARV3 when used to minting Real Yield NFTs such as Origin Relics. SSC tokens are paired with STARV3, Matic, SP, STARV3-M, and interest bearing stablecoins, and can be swapped with the lowest trading fees compared to other StarSeeds Protocol tokens.

STAR-GOV (SSG) Details:
Polygon Contract: 0x8519d8DeaE7bA984C4C7850B11c4671b4f62b330
100,000,000 Maximum Supply at initialization.
2.00% Burn on Transfer.
20.00% Tax on Transfer.

STAR-GOV tokens increase the voting power of Guild Members of the StarSeeds DAO, who may vote weekly on the distribution of StarSeeds Protocol Treasury funds into decentralized trading strategies.

Guild members are airdropped SSG & SSC tokens each time they vote, proportionate to their StarSeeds voting power. Voters that select trading strategies that perform over average gain 3X-40X more SSG tokens, as well as SP and STARV3 tokens.

SSG tokens are paired with STARV3, SP & SSC.

Origin Relic NFT & Origin Streaming Contract Details:
Origin Relic NFT Contract: 0x76e9C64c4aAb66EF7E2c1b2EDa03f4D0413E9572
Origin Streaming Contract: 0xa0E36F9F7eC0B00851dD25053ceeA0517a692A51
1,000 Origin Relic NFT Maximum Supply
Cost to Mint: 2,468 Matic, or 17 STARV3, or 20,000 SSC.

100% of the transfer fee from the StarSeeds Protocol tokens listed above are proportionately claimable by Origin Relic Holders.
1 Relic = 1/1000th of all taxed transfers.

From 12/9/2023 to 12/23/2023 a total of 19,511 token transfers worth over $26K were made to the Origin Streaming Contract. The amount and value of transfers made to Origin Relic NFT holders increase over time proportionate to the liquidity and volume of the StarSeed’s Protocol’s Arbitrage LP Networks and DEX Trading strategies.


All ERC20 tokens listed above were minted using DodoEXs Token Factory, which gives STARV3 best in industry security with numerous audits by top firms PeckShield, SlowMist, CerTik & Sherlock alongside a $100K ImmuneFi bug bounty. View Audits Here.**

OmniChain Capacity via LayerZero**
STARV3 is scheduled for deployment to Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, zkSync, Mantle, BSC, & Telos over the next 6 months utilizing LayerZero’s OFTV2 Proxy Contracts.**

Automated Trading **
Since STARV3 was minted 40 days ago, 74,611 transfers totaling over 50,000 STARV3 tokens, worth more then $5M have been transferred. The accumulated trading volume alongside transfer and LP fees have increased the exchange rate of STARV3 from $11 to $117.

This astounding amount of volume is over 99% automated via StarSeeds Protocol, Balancer, Kyber, 1inch, Firebird, & DodoEX arbitrage/aggregation trading systems that work in tandem with StarSeeds Protocol’s growing network of Arbitrage LP Routers. See the full list of StarSeeds Protocol’s STARV3 LPs here.


Trade STARV3 on Balancer with MATIC for the lowest swap fees.

Mint the free Mirror Article NFT below and then go to StarSeeds Protocol GiveAway Quest to collect free SP, SSG, & Matic tokens.

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