StarSeeds DeFi Tutorial Series #1: Best Wallets.

Understanding EVM Wallets

In the modern DeFi Era, the vast majority of applications are deployed on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible layer one blockchains such as Ethereum, Matic, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, AVAX, ICP, Optimism, Hedera, Arbitrum, Mantle, Manta, Scroll, and Metis are useable with the same self-custody EVM Wallet.Non EVM blockchains each typically require a specific wallet.

For Bitcoin, Muun is the #1 one wallet preferred by StarSeeds Protocol.Download it in the Iphone or Android app store.

Best EVM Wallets

Out of the hundreds of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible wallets available today, two in particular are more useful than the rest.

#1 Rabby

Rabby is a desktop only browser extension for Chrome and Firefox with built-in advanced security, third party price verification, and built in crypto airdrops. Exploitation, hacks, and scams are extremely prevalent in the modern DeFi industry. One of the most common attacks are “login signature” wallet draining transactions that initially look harmless when viewed using a typical wallet such as metamask.Rabby automatically simulates all transactions ahead of time and warns users about most potential attacks. Rabby also clearly reveals the true cost of each transaction with price estimations from CoinGecko, which is very helpful when swapping on Decentralized Exchanges, the vast majority of which falsely report token values in such a way that makes unprofitable trades seem profitable.Rabby awards points to its users, which will provide benefits in the future. To start earning Rabby points, download the extension, click “Rabby Points” and then use the code StarSeed to get your first 100 points.Rabby’s best in class security combined with their third party token value verification makes Rabby the number one choice of wallet for the StarSeeds Protocol**

Download Rabby here

#2. Bitget Wallet

Rabby is the #1 choice but it only works on desktop. For non-desktop devices, Bitget offers similar transaction simulation security features that warn users against potential attacks. Download “Bitget Wallet” from the Iphone or Android app store.

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