Lunarpunk Dreams #2: Gary Sheng (DreamDAO) on web3 in service of the hyperlocal

(YouTube, Spotify)

Gary Sheng (@garysheng) is:
building regen web3 + hyperlocal projects to seed a solarpunk future 🌱
forbes 30u30 🚀
co-founder @dreamdao_ 🌎
advisor @gitcoindao 🤖
ex-@google swe 👨🏻‍💻

0:00 Intro
1:02 What does lunarpunk mean to you?
05:46 web3 beyond blockchain
07:40 Blockchain in service of regeneration
09:00 Decentralisation and sovereignty in regen tech
12:01 The hyperlocal and civic space
16:00 Simulated activism
18:34 The role of imagination
21:20 Pro-citizen, not anti-government
25:50 Decentralised food, energy & connectivity
29:37 Funding real life public goods
34:46 Rethinking success
46:54 Outro


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