GammaX 上线奖励平台:赚取预代币积分

GammaX Exchange 是 StarkEx Layer2 上的衍生品交易平台,项目有 StarkWare 和 Dexterity Capital 领投的 $4M 种子轮融资,

近期推 GammaX 团队推出了奖励平台,以激励用户为社区做出贡献,通过完成任务可赚取预代币 Gamma 积分,主网可兑换代币或其他奖励,目前积分的赚取方式如下

  • Beta 测试网:目前申请表关闭了,关注开启时间

  • Discord 社区会议、活动、比赛等

  • Learn To Earn 计划:答题获得积分



本文重点解读 Learn To Earn 答题拿积分活动,其它活动可关注 官方 Discord

一、访问 官方网站


二、点击图中“Learn to Earn”菜单栏下面的链接进入答题界面

或点击直达 答题页面


第一章:How to Start Trading on GammaX


第二章:Decentralized Finance Explained

1、Using leverage responsibly while trading,2、Audited open-source smart contracts

第三章:Bear Market Trading Tips: Changing Strategies

1、DCA,2、"Buying the dip",3、Momentum trading

第四章:Bear Market Trading Tips: Honing Your Analytical Skills

1、The internal operations of financial markets,2、Tracking transactional data on blockchains,3、Stop-loss

第五章:What Is a Bear Market: Knowing Different Phases

1、20,2, 2、Phase 2,3、2 months

第六章:What are Perpetual Crypto Futures?

1、The underlying asset,2、Their expiration month

3、The use of cryptocurrency as the base currency

第七章:Exploring the differences between crypto CEXs & DEXs

1、You do not truly own your crypto,2、Total Value Locked,3、123

第八章:When to Enter and Exit a Crypto Trade?

1、Higher profits,2、Dollar Cost Averaging,3、Trailing Stop

第九章:How to Make Your First Trade – Beginner’s Guide

1、green,2、market order 3、short

第十章:How to Make Your First Trade: Understanding Market Analysis

1、Margin,2、Ture,3、Technical Analysis

第十一章:CLOB vs AMM-based DEX

1、Automated Market Makers,2、Liquidity Pools

3、On-chain,4、Market Makers

第十二章:Master Series: Unlock Your Trading Potential

1、All of the above,2、Indicators can distract a trader from the price

3、Investing in different asset classes

第十三章:Differentiating between a Bull Run & a Bull Trap

1、Momentum Trading,2、Limit Order,3、Low




3、StarkEx 和 StarkNet 都属于 StarkWare 都是二层,但前者生态比较少

4、GammaX 有 StarkWare 注资,可以埋伏下,毕竟无成本

5、参考官方信息:Gammax 上线奖励平台:完成任务赚取预代币

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