Superform + PWN = Borrow Against Any Yield Vault, Omnichain

We are excited to announce has integrated Superform. You can now borrow against any deposit made on Superform using PWN! The Superform + PWN integration is currently live on Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Base, and BSC.

About PWN

PWN is a peer-to-peer permissionless lending protocol. PWN users can borrow against—or lend using—any asset in their wallet (ERC-20, NFT, and even a bundle of both), while enjoying flexibility on the loan terms (LTV, duration, APY, etc.). The oracle-less nature of the protocol protects all PWN loans from price-based liquidations. The only way to lose collateral is to default on a loan.

Borrow Against Deposits on Superform using PWN

By using SuperPositions as collateral, you can enjoy new DeFi opportunities without giving up your yield-bearing vault deposits. SuperPositions are tokenized 1:1 representations of your yield position, minted on the chain you deposited from. Here's why it's a win-win:

  • Yield-bearing Collateral: Your SuperPositions continue to generate yield while in escrow on PWN, offsetting borrowing costs.

  • Flexible & Predictable: Set your loan terms (borrowed asset and amount, LTV, APR, duration) and enjoy stability throughout the loan duration.

  • No Price-based Liquidation: Rest easy knowing that your SuperPositions are secure, regardless of price fluctuations on the underlying asset. All you have to do is pay back your loan, plus interest, on time.

  • Bundle Positions: PWN lets you bundle your SuperPositions with any other assets on the same chain to unlock additional liquidity opportunities.

Superform + PWN Guide
Superform + PWN Guide

Tokenize Everything

This integration is the first step towards our goal of adding composability to every asset. SuperPositions are cross-chain money legos that enable any onchain interaction. From lending to liquidity, stay tuned for more SuperPosition use cases on the horizon!

Superform + PWN Demo

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