Superform + LayerZero = Omnichain Yield Access

LayerZero Enables Omnichain Yield Access

Superform is a permissionless, omnichain yield marketplace that uses LayerZero to send cross-chain messages for deposits into any yield vault on any EVM chain.

LayerZero's cross-chain communication capabilities have been integral to the functioning of Superform, enabling it to establish connections between its core contracts deployed across multiple blockchains.

A Core Innovation Provider

The Superform Beta was one of the first apps to use LayerZero back in 2022. Since then, LayerZero has grown exponentially, helping unify the blockchain ecosystem. Superform has grown as well.

Since Superform’s Early Access launch in February, over 45,000 messages have been delivered through LayerZero. Superform now has one of the highest daily message volumes on LayerZero!

Superform’s Implementation

LayerzeroImplementation.sol is the contract that allows Superform’s core contracts to use LayerZero for cross-chain communication. When a user creates a deposit or withdraw a message is sent using LayerZero Implementation.

When a message is successfully sent, LayerZero Relayers and Oracles verify them and deliver them. Upon receiving the message, LayerZeroImplementation forwards the message to the Superform Protocol’s contracts.

For cross-chain transactions using LayerZero, Superform sends a message containing data on which asset, chain, and vault the user is executing into and a message to confirm the transaction details and mint the user a SuperPosition that represents their deposit.

Get Started

We’re excited to see Superform grow alongside the cross-chain ecosystem and be a place for users to deposit into any vault on any chain, powered by LayerZero!

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