Introducing Superform Safari

Greetings frens! Today we are excited to introduce Superform Safari. Superform Safari is designed to reward Superform users. It is an engaging gamified experience that makes DeFi fun again. Superform Safari is made up of tournaments where you will compete against others to rank up and earn YIELD + XP + NFTs.

TL;DR - deposit through Superform, earn XP, collect SuperFrens NFTs & multiply your XP by placing well in each Safari Tournament.

Tournaments & Superform XP

Anyone who deposits through Superform and holds SuperPositions will earn XP at a rate directly proportional to the USD value of their SuperPosition portfolio. The more XP earned, the higher you rank against others on the leaderboard, and the rarer the SuperFren you will qualify for.

Tournaments last up to 30 days with six tournaments in Season One. Tournament One will begin May 9th at 14:00 UTC. At the conclusion of the season there will be a pre-announced snapshot that assesses your tournament XP for each tournament and multiplies your XP based on the highest SuperFren tier you hold for each tournament.


The primary rewards for placing in tournaments are SuperFrens NFTs minted on Base. SuperFrens are collectable animal frens who you’ll encounter on your Safari. The Tournament Zero SuperFren will be the wildest of animals, a SuperChad. A new SuperFren will emerge from the wilderness for each Safari tournament. Stay tuned for Tournament One’s SuperFren reveal 🤫.

SuperFrens Mechanics

Holding a SuperFren multiplies your XP. The multiplier is determined by the tier of the SuperFren. At the end of each tournament, you can place into seven possible tiers. You qualify for the SuperFren of the maximum tier earned and all the levels below it. E.g. if you place in Gold tier you have the right to mint one Gold, one Silver, and one Bronze SuperFren. SuperFrens are ERC-1155s deployed on Base and can be sold, traded, or forged depending on your goals.

SuperFren Tiers & Rewards

*Each SuperFren Tier also comes with an exclusive Discord Role
*Each SuperFren Tier also comes with an exclusive Discord Role

Higher tiers inherit or override boosts of lower tiers. Boosts do not stack; your XP will be boosted by the highest single SuperFren you hold per tournament.

The Forge

SuperFrens can be forged into a higher tier if you have five SuperFrens of the same type and tier. You can earn a maximum of one SuperFren per tier, per tournament, so you will have to acquire SuperFrens on secondary markets in order to take advantage of The Forge. The forging process will burn five SuperFrens of the same type and tier to mint one SuperFren of the next highest tier. E.g. If Bob has five Bronze SuperChads he can forge them into one Silver SuperChad.


If you collect all SuperFrens from a tier, your Season XP will be multiplied by up to double. The higher the tier of Frenslist completed, the higher the overall multiplier. E.g. if Bob has a complete Frenslist of Gold SuperFrens, his XP bonus would be 2.5x for holding Gold tier & 2x for completing his FrenList for a total of a 5x XP boost.

Welcome to the Jungle

We’re ready to finally open up Superform to the world. We’ve built a DeFi experience that is #ObviouslyBetter than what has become commonplace in the industry. We’re always engaging with community members in Discord and on Twitter so please stop in and say hi 🙂.

For more details on exactly how Superform Safari works please check out our Safari FAQ, and if you participated in Superform Early Access or Superform Beta please check out out the Safari FAQ to learn more about the distribution.

See you onchain!

Safari FAQs


  • Superform Labs reserves the right to change Superform Safari.

  • SuperFrens NFTs & Superform XP give holders no current or future economic or governance rights.

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