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Superform is built from the ground up to be the best place to access, manage, and distribute yield. A single place has never before met so many of a DeFi user's needs.

  • For yield seekers: the convenience of not hopping between DEXs, bridges, and apps.

  • For yield creators: the speed of distributing their vaults across chains without redeploying contracts or writing a single line of JavaScript.

In this post we’ll dive into the key features and flows of the Superform App that support both the demand and supply side of the yield marketplace.

Demand: Streamlined Access for Yield Seekers

Upon entering the Superform App, users land on the Explore Page, a comprehensive list of all vaults listed on the Superform Protocol. From here, users can explore yield opportunities, find vaults they want to deposit into, and add them to their bag.

In the bag, users begin by selecting a funding token from their cross-chain wallet balance. Users can select any token so long as it has valid swap and bridge routes to the underlying tokens of the vaults in the bag.

Select Token View
Select Token View

After selecting a funding token, the user allocates a funding amount to evenly split among the vaults in the bag. Superform finds routes and automatically selects the best deposit route for each vault based on the user’s transaction preferences.

Select Funding Amount View
Select Funding Amount View
Select Settings View
Select Settings View

For more granular control, users can specify exact deposit amounts per vault and select from a list of routes for each vault.

Select Route View
Select Route View

Once satisfied with their choices, users simply approve and deposit.

If it’s a same-chain transaction, SuperPositions will be minted to the user immediately. If it’s a cross-chain transaction, the bridging, swapping, and depositing will be handled by Superform. All the user has to do is kick their feet up, sit back, and relax. Transactions can be effortlessly tracked on the user’s activity page or via SuperScan.

After the new SuperPositions are minted, they are displayed in the user’s portfolio.

Supply: Empowering Yield Creators

Superform empowers protocols, strategists, and developers with the tools to distribute their vaults easily and efficiently across multiple chains.

Listing a vault

Anyone can list a vault. Simply provide an ERC-4626 contract address and select the chain the vault is on.

Superform conducts ERC-4626 property tests to ensure seamless integration, verify vault compatibility, and safeguard against incorrect implementations. If a vault fails any critical checks, it will be blocked from being listed.

After passing vault checks, users may continue onto the next step of vault listing: providing metadata.

Some basic metadata is pulled in from on-chain; the rest is up to the lister to fill in as they see fit. Listers can even provide links to Dune dashboards, which will appear on the vault details page.

Once the lister is satisfied with the metadata they’ve supplied, listing is completed with a simple call to the createSuperform() function on-chain.

When the vault is listed, users can immediately deposit into it from all chains Superform is deployed on! Data like TVL, APY, and depositors will automatically populate as it is collected.

Vault deployers and admins can control the visibility and availability of vaults. For example, if vaults are deprecated or broken, they can be set to paused or withdraw only. If they are new, they can be featured on the front page of their protocol.

Creating a Protocol

The process for creating a protocol on Superform is very similar to creating a vault. First, the creator will provide comprehensive information about their protocol.

After providing details, the creator moves on to the credentials page. This page allows protocol admins to perform two key functions:

  1. Add deployer addresses to link vaults to the protocol

  2. Add and manage additional admins

Both of these actions can be performed at any time by protocol admins.

After the protocol has been listed, anyone can view it on the protocols page or by navigating to it from a linked vault. Authenticated Protocols and Vaults get special features like protocol icon, color, banner, and a custom slug.

Superform simplifies and enriches the DeFi experience for yield seekers and creators. This article only scratches the surface of what Superform is and will evolve into.

To dive deeper into the Superform App, visit Our Help Center has onboarding guides and detailed information about every aspect of the App. To learn more about how the the protocol is built visit

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