The Superform Manifesto

Humanity's evolution into a globalized society has demanded unparalleled resilience. While we have often forged connection through shared language, belief, and borders, today, that trust has shifted to technology. Technology now holds the key to building an open, coordinated, and equitable world. It is our greatest collective responsibility to ensure it benefits us all.

When our team got together from every corner of the world to start building nearly a year ago, we collectively asked each other the question: Why? Because we believe in a world where financial freedom is not merely the privilege of a few but a fundamental right for everyone. A financial system that empowers rather than marginalizes, encourages collaboration instead of centralization, and, above all, serves to liberate rather than confine. We don't just deserve better — we need better.

Crypto has come a long way as an industry, and it's heartening to see our hard work noticed by those who stood before us. However, this fast pace of innovation comes at a price; the systems we've created have become unnecessarily complex. Contrary to our intention and the technology it builds on, DeFi, in its current state, suffers from a very uncoordinated technical and social layer. Protocols, rightly so, choose to deploy on whatever chain they can get the most users on, develop solutions that are optimized for their specific needs, and figure out how they can interoperate with the broader ecosystem after they ship. Users are similarly unaligned, pigeonholed on where they've onboarded and cognitively overloaded on the sheer number of opportunities competing for their attention. The future looms with exponential fragmentation— from applications on rollups that were created with no lines of code, to markets split between permissioned JP Morgan chain and permissionless high yielding retail-focused L2s.

Our response to this is a relentless pledge to simplify and unify DeFi under a perpetual machine that incentivizes the tokenization of every asset, financial instrument, and revenue-generating mechanism in the world. We envision a state of the world where not only are blockchains used seamlessly for capital formation but where interacting with them is as seamless as browsing the internet, where users are liberated from the constraints of chains and assets.

The journey towards this future will continue to be built on standards that underpin each subsequent wave of innovation. The first DeFi revolution wouldn't have been possible without ERC-20. The explosion of NFTs wouldn't have occurred without ERC-721. Now, ERC-4626 seeks to coordinate the technical layer around making capital productive. These standards are more than technical specifications; they are the foundations of a decentralized world enabling trustless communication at scale. We will continue to advocate for the next generation of standards and believe the network effects harnessed by adopting them will catalyze the DeFi's maturation into a solution that is unequivocally better than the incumbent.

In our quest to actualize this vision, Superform Labs is developing an aggregation, curation, and execution layer for onchain capital formation. Superform is a repository for all opportunities where people can park their capital onchain. It has un-opinionated support for permissioned chains for institutions, permissionless financial services for frens without banking services, and long-tail pools launched 4 hours ago for apes. Much like Ethereum itself, we see this distribution layer as a free and permissionless dark forest — but with the integration of a robust curation layer and exceptional applications, we believe this dark forest can be transformed into a garden of opportunity.

Without unity, our efforts are easily overlooked, but with concerted coordination, we become a powerful force for everlasting financial freedom. Achieving feature parity with fiat and beyond is a challenge we can only overcome by working together.

Join us onchain in the fight for financial freedom.

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