SupremeDAO Manifesto


We live in “everything bubble” times. Speculative manias and inflating prices—historic frothiness and risk-taking all across global markets.

We live in a time of war and instability. The old systems are creaking and struggling.

The lesson is clear, the world is in desperate need of more resilient and adaptive solutions. Even the crypto dream has soured, drifting from founding ideals as a decentralized, transparent, and community-driven internet-native currency. Recently, the catastrophic collapses of FTX and Terra Luna exemplified this, with their misuse of customer funds and disconnection from community oversight.

We see all these developments but seek to interrupt their course. Our ambition is to harness the latest advances and nurture a financial ecosystem that is supportive and inclusive, to reshape the status quo. In the emerging age of AI and complex decentralized infrastructures, we must be watchful of such tech’s capacity to colonize humanity. Instead, we can harness it to support and empower us, and enrich our communities.

The SuperemeDAO Vision

At SupremeDAO, we believe in a future where finance is accessible, automated, and profitable. And we are achieving this—by developing new technologies that transform the way people interact with DeFi.

Our Ethereum-native decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) sifts through the market noise to discern DeFi jewels. We deliver these treasures to our community in the form of automated on-chain strategies, which generate sustainable returns for them — transparent, risk-minimized, fully automated.

Automated DeFi Strategies

SupremeDAO is a fully automated on-chain fund which also has its own native asset, the YAI. The YAI - standing for Yield Automated Instrument - allocates DAO assets into the most profitable, fully automated DeFi strategies through DAO governance mechanisms and the wisdom of the crowd. YAI holders benefit from the instrument's growth in value, which is driven by the performance of those strategies.

Leveraging DeFi Innovations

SupremeDAO is working with the best practices of the DeFi sector, such as Balancer, Aura, and EigenLayer. This delivers the most balanced and risk-adjusted returns, all represented in a single asset. The whole of the yield is automatically represented in the price of YAI, with no need for extensive research or further action. Through DAO-governed liquidity and automatic optimization of veTokenomics we can achieve a controlled yield that, through interdependence and symbiosis, leverages our ecosystem’s network effects to deliver prosperity to all participants.

Our protocol aims to automate profitable, often complex, multi-tiered DeFi strategies, to deliver an instrument that saves users the time spent on searching, management, and risk assessment. Instead of simply holding assets, we enable them to work for you. Through technology and automation, we bring peace of mind.

The YAI: A Basket of Automated DeFi Strategies

As an on-chain fund, our objective is to build an ensemble of various DeFi strategies, represented in our core product, the YAI.

YAI is backed by a basket of assets and represents in its value growth the additional yield generated.

YAI price = yield + assets basket value

This enables our users to benefit from highly automated, risk-adjusted DeFi strategies through simple and transparent mechanisms without needing active management.

Governance and transparency are the backbone of SupremeDAO. By ensuring DAO-driven liquidity, the wisdom of the crowd, and the automated optimization of veTokenomics, we make sure that all participants can fairly benefit from the community's collective efforts.

By integrating leading technologies like Balancer, Aura, and EigenLayer, SupremeDAO strives to maximize the benefits of blockchain while minimizing risks.

Four Supreme Truths:

  1. SupremeDAO is here to facilitate your DeFi journey, save you time, and minimize gas fees.

  2. SupremeDAO is here to provide as much APY as possible within secure limits.

  3. SupremeDAO is here to make the assets' storage safe and sound while farming.

  4. SupremeDAO is here to take over the risk management of your assets while you simply live your life.

    SupremeDAO IS HERE.

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