The ultimate guide to Sylvester's Wild Climate Club.

Hello fellow rewilding enthusiast! We are very glad you've made it here.

Let's get started right away with onboarding you to Europe's wildest community!

Before we start

In order to enjoy the whole Wild Climate Club experience, you need:

  • A crypto wallet (Ethereum/Optimism).

  • A Discord account.

  • A Google account* (not strictly necessary for the beginning)*

    • Any Google/Gmail account will do. Although we want to move away from the bad big web2 players like Google in the future, for now it is the easiest way to collectively manage files and jointly work on documents.

Getting started

Now, if you have all the above (or at least nr. 1 & 2) we can get you settled into our digital community of rewilding enthusiasts!

To get full access to the community, you need to get a WildToken. This will allow you to:

  • Become a full member of the Wild Climate Club, with all it’s benefits and opportunities.

  • Get full access to the Discord server, join discussions, create proposals, expand your network, learn, enjoy and take part in exclusive events!

  • Vote on proposals brought forward by the community.

  • Get access to all the info like reports, strategies, visions and other insights.

  • Join in on some wild missions ;)

*You can also check out our Discord-Server as a guest, to see what you’re getting yourself into. For that you don’t need a WildToken yet, just a Discord account. All you need is to follow this link to our Discord server and have a look around!

How to get a WildToken?

Soon you will be able to buy the real WildTokens in our store. For now however, we offer provisional WildTokens to people who already want to join the Wild Climate Club and it’s digital spaces.

For now, we only distribute tokens to early members/volunteers, so if you’d like to get your first token right now, head over to our volunteer registration sheet and make sure to select “Yes, please.” for the Club membership and provide us with your CryptoAdress. (These tokens do not represent any land yet and are solely for governance puproses)

If you’d rather wait for the real WildTokens, which will be issued and sold as soon as we get our first plot of land, please consider joining the WildToken waiting list.

Once you have your WildToken…

…you can get verified and get full access to our digital infrastructure at You can think of Guild as our digital bodyguard, checking if you have the right token and then showing you how to get to our Discord and Drive.

So to get verified:

  • Head over to our space

  • click on “Join Guild to get roles”

  • connect your Wallet

  • connect your Discord

  • Connect your Google account (not strictly necessary for the start).

    • You can always connect these accounts by clicking on your profile settings in the top right of the page

You should now have access to our full Discord & Google Drive if you follow the links on Guild.

In order to vote on proposals, check out the Wild Climate Club Snapshot. If you join the space and connect your wallet, your WildTokens will allow you to cast your vote on all active proposals!

You will find more specific instructions on how to use Discord in the “#get-started_” channel and on how to navigate the Google Drive in the “How to get started” document.

If you want to gaze at your beautiful WildToken, you can check it out by connecting your wallet to the Otterspace site here and going to your profile.

If you have any further questions, you can always send us a message!

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