Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds: Showcasing the Open Data Hack Winner '3D Print Near Me'

In the ever-evolving world of decentralized applications (dApps), the recent Open Data Hack hosted by Encode Club bore witness to the emergence of a novel project, “3D Print Near Me,” conceived by Dominic from Trinidad and Tobago, and Karthikeyan from Singapore. Their initiative showcases what becomes possible when imaginative minds intersect with the enabling environment provided by Tableland.

Dominic highlighted the value of Tableland, stating, "This is a needed technology to make dApps work better," a testament to how “3D Print Near Me” harnessed our platform to simplify 3D printing. Through their marketplace, they aim to connect individuals in need of 3D printing services with local printer owners, thereby breaking down the technical and financial barriers associated with 3D printing.

In the following Q&A, Dominic and Karthikeyan share insights into their backgrounds, the inception of their project, and their ambitious plans for the future, offering a glimpse into the expansive potential that lies at the intersection of decentralized data solutions and real-world challenges.

Where are you guys from?
Dominic hails from the twin-island country of Trinidad and Tobago. Karthikeyan is based in Singapore.

How did you get interested in crypto?
Originally through a mutual friend, and then in researching the space.

What got you interested in Tableland?
Tableland was the ideal tool for our dApp. We needed a data store with SQL-like capabilities to store our print orders and marketplace listings. It made it easier to query and display all of this information on our dApp.

What pain point are you trying to solve with your hack?
3D printing is fun but it can be technically difficult. Users can enjoy the benefits of 3D printing without the hassle. Some users may not want to purchase a 3D printer and not fully utilize it.

What is your solution?
3D Print Near Me is a marketplace for 3D objects. Our platform facilitates printing 3D objects in your local area, acting as the Uber and Airbnb of 3D printing. It allows anyone with a 3D printer to earn money by offering it as a service.

Why do you think users might be interested in your project?
We believe users will be interested in this project because 3D printing is fun and there is a lot of utility in it. 3D Print Near Me aims to give people the ability to utilize the limitless possibilities of 3D printing without having to bear the upfront expense of purchasing a printer.

What are you planning to work on next?
We would like to get into an accelerator program to develop the product further, and then to get funding and launch it!

Connect with 3D Print Near Me on GitHub and X, and explore more on Tableland's role in the dApp ecosystem.

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