Unlocking Web3's data potential: $8M Series A, web3-native SQL, and reusable data blueprints

The origin

Web3 developers have to choose between simpler, static data stored on decentralized storage networks — or rich, dynamic data stored in centralized databases. Fortunately, there's a solution to this dilemma: provide a battle-tested database on web3-native rails.

We created Tableland to deliver such an innovative database, making it easier than ever for developers to build and deploy data-driven applications in web3. Tableland is a permissionless database built on the SQLite engine, allowing developers to utilize relational data and SQL. SQL's familiarity make it the perfect choice for interacting with web3 data, simplifying the process and enabling developers to focus on building data-driven applications.

Tableland is already integrated with multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, with Filecoin FVM integration on the horizon. A growing number of projects are using Tableland to build their data-driven applications, showcasing the effectiveness of our solution across various blockchain ecosystems.

Here are a few:

  • DR/VRS is building a mutable NFT that uses leverages Tableland's customizable database access control rules. This feature enables NFT owners to combine unique and unchangeable traits with an inventory of customizable traits that they can layer onto their characters. Tableland has become an essential tool in the DR/VRS toolkit.

  • Hideout Labs is developing an NFT launchpad platform. Setting them apart from other platforms, they are crafting a trait swap marketplace where users can compose and exchange NFT traits across collections. The Hideout Labs team is enthusiastic about the simplicity that Tableland offers in storing, connecting, and querying the data behind composable traits.

Series A: accelerating Tableland's vision

We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of our Series A funding round, raising $8 million to support the development and growth of Tableland. CoinFund leads the round with support from Multicoin, BlueYard, Protocol Labs, a_capital, Betaworks, and angels. The funding and support from our investors provide us with the resources to accelerate the development of an easy-to-use database that is web3-native.

The web3 ecosystem is still young, and the opportunities over the next 12 months will dwarf those of the recent past. To prepare, we are focusing on the following areas:

  1. Support more applications across web3 by incorporating Tableland into additional networks, including storage networks, zero-knowledge enabled rollups, our first non-EVM chain, and beyond.

  2. Open the Tableland Studio, a tool for web3 developers to design and deploy data-driven applications by leveraging a growing network of reusable, fork-able application templates.

  3. Launch the Tableland token to decentralize a network of database providers and power the next generation of innovation on web3.

The path ahead

Announcing the Tableland Studio

We're excited to share Tableland Studio, a powerful application that will help developers go from ideas to deployed prototypes in minutes, launching later this year. The Studio will help developers create and manage new projects built on the Tableland database by connecting data with smart contracts, working with collaborators, and integrating other protocols such as IPFS, Filecoin, ENS, and more into their app design. The Studio is an important step in our journey to Mainnet, launching early next year.

Come for the tool, stay for the network

Tableland can help foster a thriving ecosystem of interconnected web3 applications and data, driving innovation and collaboration within the community. As more applications launch data stored on the database network and apps designed in the Studio, future developers can discover, adapt, and reuse entire application architectures in minutes.

The Studio will enable this speed-up by publishing the public library of application architectures that developers can fork, modify, and reuse. These are the blueprints –including database designs, smart contract code, queries, and even application code – to build everything from NFT-based games to AI model training marketplaces.

Enter the Data Era

Tableland is coming at a time when powerful data-driven applications now possible in web3 need an equally powerful and flexible database. By providing easy-to-use SQL, a rock-solid relational database, and an accelerating network of app blueprints to fork and enhance, Tableland is poised to become an essential building block for developers looking to leverage web3 data.

Are you ready to join the data revolution? Stay tuned for the launch of Tableland Studio and our journey to mainnet. Get ready to explore the frontier of web3 data.

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