"Simon Tadros": A Lebanese Tech Entrepreneur's Harrowing Journey Through Belgian Justice: The Untold Story of Injustice, Loss, and Survival.

There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice." ~ Baron de Montesquieu NIH

Day 764 …


My name is Simon Tadros, a Lebanese serial crypto entrepreneur and layer 2 engineer, and I have endured numerous injustices and unfair treatment on Belgian soil. In this blog post, I aim to shed light on the profound challenges I have faced and the inhuman conditions imposed upon me. From my unjust detention to the deprivation of my basic human rights, I will share the devastating impact this has had on my life and the urgent need for justice and compassion.

  • Unjust Detention and Lack of Evidence:

    Despite the absence of any concrete evidence against me, I was held for an excruciating six months in Brugge following my deportation from Ukraine on August 12th, 2021. The authorities failed to provide any evidence to support the accusations, leaving me trapped in a legal limbo without justification.

  • Release Conditions and Unprecedented Restrictions:

    Upon my release, I was subjected to extreme and inhuman release conditions. These conditions included a prohibition from speaking to the media, the confiscation of my passport, and the restriction from working on Belgian soil. Furthermore, I was forced to pay a bail of 120,000 euros, which I gathered with the help of my family, friends, and crypto community in Lebanon. These restrictive conditions have left me jobless and unable to support myself and my loved ones.

    I was falsely accused by the court of paying the guarantee from my own funds. However, I have concrete evidence in the form of a video documenting the donation campaign that was launched to support me. This video clearly shows the solidarity and generosity of my family, friends, and the crypto community in Lebanon who came together to help raise the funds necessary to secure my release. Despite the court's unfounded accusations, this video stands as a testament to the truth, revealing the collective effort and support I received during my time of need. It is disheartening that the court failed to recognize the legitimacy of these donations and instead attributed them to personal funds.

    Those videos are publicly available :

  • Desperate Living Situation and Lack of Medical Care:

    After two years, I remain homeless, with none of my belongings returned to me. I am reliant on the goodwill of a Belgian-Lebanese compatriot who has provided me with temporary shelter, but their support can no longer be sustained. Additionally, I lack identification papers and medical records, depriving me of the necessary medical care for deteriorating health conditions such as dental issues and Type 1 diabetes.

    It is important to highlight that my diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes is a direct result of the immense stress and trauma I experienced during my arrest and subsequent unjust detention. The distressing circumstances I endured not only infringed upon my basic human rights but also had severe consequences for my physical well-being.

    The lack of proper medical care and access to necessary medications has further exacerbated my condition. The deteriorating state of my health, including dental problems and the need for constant medication, demands urgent attention. However, without any official existence in the Belgian system, I have been denied the essential medical records, insurance, and support that should be available to every individual.

  • Untrusted and Scam Company Energi's Role:

    It has come to light that all the accusations and hardships I have faced were based on an article published by the untrusted and scam company known as Energi. This revelation calls into question the credibility of the allegations and the actions taken against me. The article was written by Eypersson Peter, who is affiliated with the Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI). It appears that this article was crafted to divert attention from the suspicious activities surrounding Energi.

  • Andre Galkin's Testimony and Involvement:

During the court proceedings, the main developer of the Energi cryptocurrency coin, Andre Galkin, provided a compelling testimony that discredited Peter's claims. Galkin explicitly stated that Peter's accusation of him being crazy was unfounded and that he had been expelled from the company due to his own erratic behavior. In fact, Galkin submitted a comprehensive 60-page document to the court, meticulously refuting Peter's testimony and implicating Energi in potential scams.

This revelation raises serious doubts about the reliability of Peter's article and the motivations behind its publication. It appears that Energi sought to divert attention from their suspicious activities by concocting baseless allegations against me. The fact that Andre Galkin, a central figure in Energi, vehemently denied Peter's claims and provided evidence incriminating Energi further reinforces the lack of credibility and integrity associated with Peter's assertions.

In light of these revelations, it is imperative that the court and the public critically examine the evidence provided by Andre Galkin and reassess the veracity of Peter's testimony. It is unjustifiable to base accusations and impose severe consequences on individuals based on unreliable and potentially malicious sources.

I call upon the Belgian authorities to thoroughly investigate the role of Energi, the Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI), and Eyperson Peter, ensuring transparency and fairness in the pursuit of justice. It is only through an impartial and unbiased examination of the facts that the truth can be revealed and the profound injustice I have endured can be rectified.

By sharing these details, I aim to expose the dubious nature of the allegations against me and shed light on the manipulation and deceit that have clouded my case. The truth deserves to be heard, and I implore all concerned parties to approach this matter with the utmost scrutiny and commitment to justice.

  • Injustice and Appeals to Human Rights Organizations:

    In my quest for justice, I reached out to various human rights organizations, seeking support and intervention in my case. Unfortunately, I was met with disheartening responses stating that they do not handle individual cases. This revelation left me feeling abandoned and helpless, as I believed that these organizations would champion the cause of justice and defend the rights of individuals facing unjust treatment. It is deeply troubling that despite the glaring injustices I have experienced, the avenues for seeking assistance and recourse appear to be limited. I find myself caught in a web of unjust accusations, enduring the consequences of a crime I did not commit. The very essence of justice is being compromised as I continue to suffer the repercussions of being separated from my family, including my young daughter, who has been denied the presence of her father for two long years.

    Additionally, I find it profoundly unfair that I have been prohibited from engaging in any form of work or employment during this time. This prohibition has deprived me of the means to sustain myself and support my loved ones. The financial burden has become overwhelming, making it increasingly difficult to fulfill even the most basic needs for my family.

    Furthermore, it is worth noting that I have already paid the price for the stolen Dash cryptocurrency, despite being innocent of any wrongdoing. It is a grave miscarriage of justice that I have served time in prison without having faced a fair trial or received a sentence. The question remains: What more do they want from me? How much longer must I endure the consequences of a crime I did not commit?

    I implore the Belgian justice system to review my case with the utmost urgency and fairness. I ask for a proper examination of the evidence, a recognition of the unjust treatment I have endured, and the restoration of my rights and freedoms. It is my hope that by shedding light on the profound injustices I have faced, I can garner support from individuals and organizations who believe in the fundamental principles of justice and equality.

    Together, let us challenge the systemic flaws that perpetuate such injustices and advocate for a justice system that upholds the rights and dignity of every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances.

  • Biased Judicial Proceedings and Violation of Due Process Rights:

    The proceedings of my case reached the criminal court, presided over by west lander Judge . It has become evident that Judge has displayed a clear bias throughout the course of the trial, raising serious concerns about the fairness and impartiality of the judicial process. Moreover, the prosecutor, Peter Piku, has exhibited an obsessive determination to secure a conviction, further contributing to the injustice I have faced. Multiple requests have been made for Judgein west lander dismissal due to his demonstrated bias and failure to uphold the principles of fair judgment. One alarming instance of his partiality was when he forbade the translation of the case files into the French language, despite my proficiency in French. This denial of access to the translated files effectively impedes my ability to fully comprehend the proceedings, hindering my right to a fair defense and violating the principles of due process.

    Furthermore, there have been disturbing instances where Judge rendered judgments without our presence, disregarding the fundamental tenets of constitutional law and legal procedure. In one particular incident, a judgment was issued without the presence of the prosecutor, and on two separate occasions, judgments were made without our own legal representation being present. Such actions not only undermine the integrity of the judicial system but also infringe upon our constitutional rights to a fair trial and legal representation.

    It is crucial to highlight these flagrant violations of due process rights, as they underscore the need for urgent intervention and a comprehensive review of the proceedings. The principles of justice, fairness, and constitutional rights must prevail in every courtroom, and it is disheartening to witness the erosion of these principles in my case.

    I call upon the Belgian judicial authorities to thoroughly investigate the actions of the Judge and address the concerns raised regarding his impartiality and adherence to due process. The preservation of justice demands an objective and unbiased judiciary that upholds the rights and protections enshrined in the constitution.

    In seeking justice, it is imperative that we shed light on these violations and work towards ensuring that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, receives a fair and just trial. By holding those responsible for these breaches of constitutional rights accountable, we can strive towards a more equitable and transparent legal system that respects the fundamental rights of all individuals involved in legal proceedings.

  • Prolonged Delays and Postponements in the Legal Proceedings:

    The legal proceedings in my case have been plagued by prolonged delays and repeated postponements, exacerbating the already arduous and distressing nature of this ordeal. It is disheartening to witness the continuous postponements, with the next hearing scheduled as far ahead as the 18th of August 2023. These frequent delays not only prolong the uncertainty and anxiety I experience but also undermine the principles of justice and due process. The protracted nature of the proceedings has a profound impact on my personal and professional life, as I remain in a state of limbo, unable to move forward or regain a sense of normalcy.

    Such unwarranted delays not only hinder the timely resolution of the case but also perpetuate the profound injustices I have faced. Every delay further denies me the opportunity to present my case, seek justice, and restore my life to its rightful course. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of expeditious legal proceedings, ensuring that justice is not only served but is seen to be served.

    I implore the Belgian judicial system to address the issue of prolonged delays in legal proceedings and take proactive measures to expedite the resolution of cases. Justice delayed is justice denied, and the prolonged postponements only serve to prolong the injustice I have endured for far too long.

    By raising awareness about these delays, I hope to garner support and solidarity from individuals who believe in the fundamental principles of a fair and efficient judicial system. Together, let us strive for a legal system that respects the rights of all individuals and ensures a timely and just resolution to their cases.

    In the face of these challenges, I remain resolute in my pursuit of justice and will continue to advocate for a fair and expeditious resolution to my case. Your support and solidarity are invaluable in this ongoing struggle for justice and the restoration of my rights and dignity.

Media Coverage, Manifestation, and the Pursuit of Justice:

The media coverage surrounding my case has predominantly been focused in Lebanon, making it challenging to reach larger Belgian media outlets and garner broader attention to my plight. However, I have managed to compile a collection of media links from various Lebanese sources, which shed light on my situation and highlight the injustices I have faced.

Despite the limitations in media coverage, I refuse to remain silent and have taken every opportunity to raise awareness about my case. Alongside supporters, I organized a small but impactful manifestation in front of the European Union headquarters. During the manifestation, we distributed flyers outlining the key aspects of my story, highlighting the violations of my rights and the injustices I have endured.

By engaging in peaceful protest and distributing information, we aimed to draw attention to the issues surrounding my case and the urgent need for a fair and just resolution. While the manifestation was a powerful display of unity and determination, it is disheartening that we have yet to see effective results in terms of concrete actions or changes.

Nevertheless, I remain committed to pursuing justice and raising awareness about the injustices I have faced. I will continue to explore avenues for advocacy, engage with relevant organizations and individuals, and utilize social media platforms to share my story and mobilize support.

I call upon the European Union, as well as other international human rights organizations, to investigate my case and intervene on behalf of justice and fairness. It is crucial that the international community recognizes the violations of my rights and the urgency of the situation.

Last Manifestation
Last Manifestation

In the face of adversity, I am grateful for the support and solidarity I have received thus far. I urge readers to stay informed, share my story, and join me in demanding a fair and just resolution to my case. Together, we can make a difference and hold those responsible accountable for the injustices inflicted upon me.

Please continue to follow my journey and support my pursuit of justice. Your voice and solidarity are invaluable in this ongoing battle for truth and fairness.


The Pursuit of Truth: My Investigation

In the face of a justice system that deemed me guilty until proven innocent, I took it upon myself to conduct an extensive investigation to uncover the truth and reveal the identity of the real criminal behind the injustices I have endured. With the assistance of Karel Tinni, a blockchain forensic expert, and Chainalysis Reactor software, we delved into the intricacies of the stolen Dash cryptocurrency and the trail it left behind.

Our investigation led us through a complex web of mixers, attempting to obfuscate the origin and destination of the stolen funds. However, through meticulous analysis and the utilization of advanced tools, we were able to trace the funds to a Binance address. This breakthrough provided a crucial lead in identifying the individual responsible for the theft, a person known as "Kratos."

Armed with this evidence, we presented our findings to the prosecutor, expecting that they would take our investigation into account and pursue further action. However, to our dismay, the prosecutor refused to acknowledge our findings, providing nothing more than feeble excuses to dismiss the evidence we had painstakingly gathered.

To shed light on the truth and expose the negligence or possible biases within the legal system, I have shared a Twitter thread outlining the analysis conducted by Karel Tinni and the significant discoveries we made during our investigation. By making this information public, I aim to hold accountable those who have disregarded the evidence and hindered the pursuit of justice.

It is deeply disheartening to witness the dismissal of our investigation by the prosecutor, despite its substantial implications for my case. The refusal to consider this evidence only further underscores the hurdles and obstacles I have encountered in my quest for truth and justice.

I call upon the legal authorities to reconsider their position and give due consideration to the evidence we have presented. It is imperative that they approach this investigation with objectivity and impartiality, ensuring that the truth prevails and those responsible for the injustices I have faced are held accountable.

As I continue to fight for justice, I remain steadfast in my commitment to uncovering the truth and restoring my name and reputation. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received thus far and urge readers to share my story, amplify my voice, and demand a fair and thorough investigation into the evidence we have uncovered.

Messages to Loved Ones and the Alleged Culprit :

To my late father, I want to express the deep love and gratitude I hold for him. I wish I could have been by his side to bid him farewell and thank him for everything he did for me. He was an incredible and honest person, and his absence leaves an irreplaceable void in my life.

To my daughter, I want to apologize for the situation that my line of work has thrust upon us. I regret not being able to spend every precious moment with her, showering her with love and witnessing her growth. I want her to know that her freedom is paramount, and no government or individual should ever abuse it. I long for the day when we can be together again, cherishing each other's presence.

To my mother, I want to assure her that despite the physical distance between us, I am doing everything in my power to care for her. It pains me to see her endure such unfortunate circumstances, especially after the passing of my father. I will continue to strive to provide her with the medication, food, and support she needs. Not being able to be there for her during the days she needs me the most breaks my heart.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to R.M., whom I didn't know before, for his generosity in providing me with a place to stay and other resources. His philanthropic actions and support have made a significant difference in my life during this challenging time. I consider him a father figure in a land where I had no one.

To the Lebanese ambassador, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for standing by my side from the very beginning. I am grateful for his support. I also want to remind him of the power he holds and the strength of the Lebanese people worldwide. I urge him to use his influence to help turn the tide and bring about a resolution to this injustice once and for all.

Lastly, I address the person whom I believe orchestrated the events that led to my wrongful conviction, but I will not disclose their name, referring to them as A.H. I want to remind them to right their wrongs. When the article was published, I reached out to them, emphasizing that I had no involvement in the situation. Although they contributed an enormous amount to help me with my bail and lawyers, I want to make it clear that I am completely unaware of their role in this heist. However, my friend has expressed doubt about the sudden influx of funds in their possession, noting the sale of significant amounts of crypto on my counter. Furthermore, I want to remind them that they lied during the investigation and that the Damien account is undeniably linked to them. We both know the truth, and I implore them to come forward, confess their actions, and be held accountable if they were indeed the thief. The Dure project, with its domain dure.io, was their idea, and they must acknowledge their involvement and take responsibility for their actions.

By sharing these messages, I hope to convey the emotional toll this ordeal has had on me and emphasize the need for resolution and reconciliation. It is my fervent hope that justice will prevail, allowing me to reunite with my loved ones and rebuild my life.

Addressing the Belgian Justice System:

With utmost respect and sincerity, I want to shed light on the shortcomings within the Belgian justice system that have contributed to my unjust ordeal. It is essential to emphasize the need for transparency, fairness, and impartiality within the system to prevent similar instances of injustice in the future.

First and foremost, I would like to highlight the damaging consequences of the lack of expertise and understanding within the system. The destruction of a tech entrepreneur's life due to ignorance is far more dangerous than mere incompetence. It is disheartening that my existence seems to have been disregarded within the Belgian system, with no medical records, insurance, or any support. I find myself in a state of complete nonexistence, with no access to basic necessities such as a mutuelle or income.

The release conditions imposed on me are unprecedented and draconian, even for Belgium, let alone Europe. These conditions, such as media interdiction and restrictions on freedom of speech, as well as the denial of a passport and the prohibition to work, are inhumane, unfair, and overly strict. They place me in a state of perpetual uncertainty and hinder my ability to rebuild my life.

Furthermore, the evident and flagrant biased behavior displayed by the prosecutor, coupled with the involvement of the US company and government, raises serious concerns about their hidden motives. It appears that they have strategically used the legal system to indirectly target the Lebanese politician Jebran Bassil while simultaneously undermining an honest and reputable tech entrepreneur. I have been dedicatedly forging connections within the cryptocurrency industry and tirelessly educating individuals about Bitcoin and the principles of monetary freedom.

This orchestrated and politically motivated assault extends beyond a mere attack on education and awareness. It is evident that the collapsing economic system, controlled by the American printer, serves as the backdrop for this subversive agenda. We possess compelling evidence pointing to ongoing and suspicious communications between the prosecutor, De Vuyst Willem, the US company, and the US government. These revelations heighten the specter of clandestine bribery and reinforce the notion that this is an orchestrated political attack aimed at destroying the life and achievements of Simon Tadros.

Given the gravity of these allegations, we urgently demand a comprehensive investigation into the data and communication records of not only the investigating judge and the Belgian prosecutor but also those of De Vuyst Willem, the US company, and the US government. The apparent collaboration and collusion among these entities, all operating with hidden agendas, cast a deep shadow of doubt on their true intentions. It is evident that they aim to exploit the law as a means to undermine the political future of the victim and achieve their own undisclosed objectives.

In conclusion, I call for a fair, transparent, and unbiased justice system that upholds the principles of justice for all individuals, including those involved in the cryptocurrency industry. It is my firm belief that justice should not be constrained by prejudice or ulterior motives but should serve as a beacon of truth and fairness. The resolution of my case will not only provide justice for me but will also set a precedent for the integrity of the Belgian justice system.

Fair Trial
Fair Trial

Donation Campaigns:

In order to provide support for my family and sustain our fight for justice, I humbly request individuals to consider contributing to our cause through donation campaigns. These funds will play a vital role in covering the necessary legal expenses, gathering additional evidence to strengthen our case, and supporting our livelihood as we navigate through this challenging journey.

For those who wish to contribute, there are multiple options available:

Cryptocurrency Addresses: Donations can be made directly to specific cryptocurrency addresses associated with my case. These contributions will be used to further our legal efforts and pursue the truth. I will provide the relevant addresses for individuals who prefer this method.

GoFundMe Campaign: To facilitate ease of donation, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to support our cause. This platform allows for secure and transparent contributions. The campaign details and link will be provided, giving individuals the opportunity to make a financial contribution and stand with us in our pursuit of justice.

AtomicSwap NFT Project: As the founder of the AtomicSwap NFT project, which aims to help individuals in the crypto community understand the market and fight against scams that have been prevalent since 2017, I invite supporters to contribute to this project. By supporting the AtomicSwap NFT project, not only will you contribute to our cause but also assist in creating awareness and safeguarding the crypto community from fraudulent activities. I will share the relevant links for individuals interested in supporting this initiative.

Your generosity and support will be instrumental in our fight for justice. Every contribution, regardless of its size, makes a significant impact and brings us one step closer to reclaiming our lives and proving our innocence.

Thank you for standing by us during this challenging time.

Donation Links:

Cryptocurrency Addresses:USDT (trc20) : TYkJj7LYLot122h8cUWvfTith24C7LJPnG

BTC:  bc1q8848l5277yw75xxulzh2kp33d3nvls2ukxcm9u

ETH : tadros.eth

BTC lightning : lnbc1pj960mcpp53tnscnxvs4qfsfv7el9x3ruq5alef96ye6wcxamqrxh4udjlepmsdqqcqzzgxqyz5vqrzjqwnvuc0u4txn35cafc7w94gxvq5p3cu9dd95f7hlrh0fvs46wpvhd263d9x8zfh9kgqqqqryqqqqthqqpyrzjqw8c7yfutqqy3kz8662fxutjvef7q2ujsxtt45csu0k688lkzu3ld263d9x8zfh9kgqqqqryqqqqthqqpysp5nrqyqnam83ewra3kn7uwnucmrxjkwxghlh9ya9ufp730vkt847ks9qypqsqxd8m2hexjpqsjalpx2xw665scqhd68u8et0lh3vwx696xqvt7fvre8au0y4ls2qumhf9mwaq7cl3xaeeyyyxzassz9pfm3a6xac45yspxdkxze

GoFundMe Campaign:

AtomicSwap NFT Project:

In bitcoin we trust

In this tumultuous journey, I have come to understand both sides of the cryptocurrency world. While it has been a burden that led to my unjust suffering, it has also been a lifeline that helped me endure until this day. Every technology possesses dualities, and it is up to us to determine how we wield its power.

I want to emphasize my favorite saying: "Fiat money is protected by governments, but Bitcoin is protected by mathematics." This highlights the fundamental difference between traditional monetary systems and the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. It reminds us that while governments may influence and control fiat currencies, the foundation of Bitcoin lies in unyielding mathematical principles.

As we navigate the intricate landscape of technology, finance, and justice, let us remember that the choices we make in utilizing these tools are of utmost importance. It is our collective responsibility to harness the power of technology for the betterment of society, to uncover truth, and to ensure fairness prevails.

In conclusion, I stand before you, resolute in my pursuit of justice and truth. I will not be deterred by the challenges I face or the powerful forces aligned against me. With your support and our unwavering dedication, we can shape a future where justice, transparency, and the true potential of technology prevail.

Thank you for accompanying me on this arduous journey. Together, let us forge a path towards a world where justice is not a privilege but a universal right, where the power of technology is harnessed for the greater good of all.

i foreseen the future days before my arrest :

My Last message

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