Launching Tai Chi Youth Online School CROWDFUND

Today I launched the Tai Chi Youth ONLINE SCHOOL crowdfund.

I’ve been working on this crowdfund for the past month with the Tai Chi Youth Board of Trustees and my support personnel at our SuperDAO DAO: Tai Chi Youth DAO. Special thanks to SuperDAO for their advice and information.

I’ve been teaching ZOOM classes for two years and this has been beneficial to the handful of students in PRIVATE Zoom classes and GROUP Zoom classes. I also want to give special thanks to the students I taught during my cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy last year in 2021. My obligation to continue teaching kept me exercising during the worst of my cancer treatment symptoms.

During the 1990s I rehabilitated several students who had suffered and deteriorated from their chemotherapy. So I was already optimistic about the benefits of my Tai Chi Youth curriculum for rebuilding the body after chemotherapy. Perhaps my comeback is slightly limited by being 68 years old, but I am anxious to regain the flexibility and endurance I had at the beginning of 2021 when I had cancer but five doctors couldn’t identify it until I had a surgery in April of 2021.

So this crowdfund is to rehabilitate ME as well as the future of our world. I am anxious to record these 400 videos to create a permanent future for Tai Chi Youth. This Tai Chi Youth curriculum is the best physical fitness in the world. Not one single student, teacher, counselor or government official has ever said anything to the contrary. Not one single martial arts system, sports program, or public physical education program even comes close to producing the proven benefits of our Tai Chi Youth school.

This is my first post/blog/entry here at the MIRROR XYZ platform which is hosting our Tai Chi Youth Online School Crowdfund. I’m guessing that donors considering donating to our crowdfund may read these “entries” so I will post some documents and stories for those interested in supporting our Tai Chi Youth Online School and the future of our world. By improving one student, we improve their family, their social world at school or workplace, and their personal love/romantic future. One improved student improves the lives of a dozen other people they associate with. Help me improve the future.

NOTE: The above photo is from Liberty Park, Utah where I taught classes from 1991 to 2000. My daughter starting LEADING THE CLASSES when she was 5-years old. Her YELLOW SASH belt rank of Tai Chi Youth is the TCY Intermediate Level. She attained her Orange Sash in California and was attacked from behind by a Karate black belt thug with a kidney punch assault who knew she studied Kung Fu and wanted to disable her quickly before she could retaliate. When the police arrived they thought my daughter was the assailant because she was still standing and her assailant wasn’t.

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