Create the Tai Chi Youth Nonprofit Online School

Create ONLINE Tai Chi School

Create an online school with the same curriculum Tai Chi Youth has been using since it was founded in 1996.  This Tai Chi Youth PROGRAM has rehabilitated criminals in maximum security youth prisons, drug rehabilitation centers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, YMCA, YWCA, churches and continuing education programs.  Students have been able to quit drug addictions, become responsible workers and raise their school grades at least one level in public schools.

Let's improve the world by improving each generation of teenagers and young adults with Yoga, Kung Fu aerobics, Tai Chi Chuan self-defense, Qigong breathing techniques combined with studying Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism to be beneficial to their families, employers, and community.  Tai Chi Youth has proven to be 100% successful in improving lives and lessening violent tendencies.  Improve the future by improving our youth.  Let’s create the TAI CHI YOUTH ONLINE SCHOOLS for Youth everywhere.

Funding will pay for the LMS (Learning Management Software), video editing, video storage, video streaming and website management.

Location: Lancaster Online School of Richard Del Connor. (Built and in use).
Video Production: 400 classes start at 60 minutes and become 90 minutes each.
Video Editing: 400 videos with sound editing, and uploading with back server.
Video Storage: Online streaming service, backup storage, external hard drive storage.
Website classes = 400 classes in 4 belt rank levels of 3 levels each plus 4 instructor belt rank levels.
Class and student Management: Enrollment, monthly video tests, semester belt tests, graduation ceremonies, NFT graduation certificates.
Legal, accounting, and financial management.
Overseen also by Tai Chi Youth DAO created and supported by SuperDAO at (Join our DAO!)
Supervised and managed by Tai Chi Youth 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Board of Trustees. (Join our Board of Trustees!)

Contact founder Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen” at 818-723-2769 for more info.

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TCY Core Programs and Services.

Tai Chi Youth was developed in maximum security youth prisons and rehabilitation centers during the 1990s.  Richard Del Connor’s Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu programs (WITHOUT SPARRING) were also taught in churches, parks & recreation departments, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, summer programs and continuing education programs.  


Tai Chi Youth Curriculum Approved by California and Utah Board of Education

Tai Chi Youth students have used the Tai Chi Youth classes for HOME SCHOOL PROGRAMS and High School Graduation requirements of VIRTUAL EDUCATION STUDENTS (using computers and attending two or three weekly Tai Chi Youth classes).

4 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.

Founder Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang” Built Tai Chi Youth School 2020

Richard Del Connor built an entire Tai Chi Youth ONLINE SCHOOL in his Lancaster, California home in 2020. He has been teaching private and group classes by ZOOM. This location is perfect for filming the Tai Chi Youth Online School videos that will be available to students worldwide 24/7. He has already filmed 200 videos for his Shaolin Chi Mantis school and is ready to begin filming the Tai Chi Youth classes.