A Manifesto for Onchain Builders

On May 1st, 2024, let us mark the birth of a new tradition — the Builders Day.

As the world commemorates Labor Day, a moment to be loud about the achievements of workers, let us also cheer for the onchain builders and their quiet contributions to a better tomorrow.

On this day, let’s celebrate all builders pursuing a new internet, against the crowd and against the odds, working relentlessly over the years to pave the way for a more equitable future.

Let’s celebrate all those who were born to build.

Born to Build: A Manifesto for Onchain Builders

Say gm to the onchain builders.

The ones shipping a better tomorrow, not simply hoping for it.

They build their own path, breaking free from the corporate mold. They question the norms, ignore conventions, and reimagine the future.

Where others see obstacles, they see opportunity.

They are driven by curiosity, not corner offices. They don't seek power, but to empower. They are born to build, not to be bossed around.

They keep building, even if their work goes unnoticed. They keep showing up, even when the market is down. They keep trying, even when others quit.

While others applaud the loudest voices, we celebrate the unsung heroes of the blockchain.

The world might underestimate them. Mock their ideals and laugh at their dreams. But they keep building. Not for quick gains, but driven by a need for lasting change.

This is a testament to their courage, resilience, and creativity. We stand beside them, following their vision, supporting their work. You can't quantify their impact in market cap alone, because their legacy is being written in immutable code.

They are the onchain builders. The visionaries of a new era, the rebels shaping the new internet.

And while some dismiss them as naive, we know they are the most undervalued talent today. They are born to build, and that’s why they are changing the world.

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Born to Build NFT Collection

An NFT collection to celebrate the “Manifesto for Onchain Builders” and the first Builders Day. New drops on the 1st of every month.


Supporting Onchain Builders

The “Manifesto for Onchain Builders” is supported by (in alphabetical order):

If you also want to support the Manifesto for Onchain Builders, ping @macedo on Farcaster.

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