Talent Protocol is based.

Talent Protocol is building the resume for the onchain era of the internet, and Base is a foundational part of how we’re making that vision a reality.

Talent Protocol and Base are both committed to bringing more talent to the onchain economy, but for that to happen we need to make Web3 more accessible and useful for everyday people.

To make human potential more visible, Talent Protocol uses blockchain to unlock rich and verifiable reputation data that doesn't exist online. We call it the Talent Passport.

The Talent Passport enables everyone, everywhere to bring their professional reputation onchain. A new type of resume for the onchain era of the internet.

Talent Protocol 🤝 Base

Talent Protocol has been building one of its ecosystem apps on Base for more than 6 months. It’s called builder.fi, an award-winning Q&A marketplace, built on top of Farcaster.

Below we describe the first steps in a shared journey to bring more builders onchain.

By the way, you can also mint this blog post on Base.

The Talent Passport is a smart wallet on Base

On the surface, Talent Passports look and feel like a traditional app, but in fact they’re a smart wallet and account-abstracted experience with hidden superpowers:

  • They’re portable, which means you access your credentials and connections instantly in multiple different apps.

  • They’re verifiable, which means data comes from trusted third-party sources (Web3 and Web2), instead of relying on self-reported data.

To create new smart wallets, Talent Protocol is using Coinbase Cloud’s recently launched Account Abstraction Kit on Base.

Base is also supporting Talent Protocol’s growth by providing gas credits to help more builders create their onchain resume.

Both Talent Protocol and Base believe that smart wallets are required in order to make onchain apps, like the Talent Passport app, accessible and useful for everyday people.

The custom Base credentials on the Talent Passport

We’re launching the Talent Passport passport with three custom credentials for the Base ecosystem:

  1. a credential for Base Builders, automatically attributed to wallets that have deployed a smart contract on Base (mainnet or testnet), that is verified and with transactions.

  2. a credential for Base Camp that will track how many exercises a builder has completed via NFTs (Base Camp is where builders can learn smart contract development).

  3. a credential for Coinbase Verifications: people that have an active Coinbase account and verified their identity on Base.

Calling all Base builders to battle-test Talent Protocol V2

Be the one of the first builders to create a Talent Passport, bring your reputation onchain, and earn rewards for being an early adopter. If you own the Base Builder credential, you’ll receive an additional 150 XP.

Join the campaign here.

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