Gamified Goals

Skin In The Game

Most of us dream of being that kind of person who sets goals, who actually commits to them and who shares frequent progress updates with their friends. Most of us are not that person.

Despite all the productivity tools or life hacks we try, we rarely find the time to clarify our goals or publish life updates. We need skin in the game.

One way of having skin in the game is paying to commit. A lot of people pay to go to the gym not because they need a trainer or equipment but because they need real skin in the game to keep them accountable. People like @levelsio go even further. He actually committed to pay $1,000 per failed goal to his gym group chat.

Another way of having skin in the game is via social accountability. Good examples are study groups, book clubs or gym buddies. Just setting goals can already increase your output and performance. But committing to a goal publicly plays an even more crucial role in how likely you are to achieve it.

You can think of a blockchain as a computer that can make commitments, which means it is probably the ideal technology for both payments and social accountability. Maybe the blockchain will be what will finally hold you accountable.

Social Betting, on Crypto Rails

Talent Protocol’s mission is to help the next generation of builders succeed. We believe that with the right combination of incentives and accountability, anyone has the power to transform their goals into reality.

We’re currently experimenting with a social betting game to help builders, solo founders and indie hackers achieve more. If you’re also looking to improve your productivity or healthy habits, this might just be the app for you. Feedback is welcome, this is just the first iteration.

If you go to today, you will find 4 core actions you can do:

🎯 Set Goals

  • Commit to your goals in public

  • AI assistant to help you write better goals

🎲 Social Betting

  • See if the overall sentiment is optimistic or skeptical

  • Bet on other people’s goals with $TAL to become an accountability buddy

  • Win $TAL if you guess the correct outcome of a goal (see here how rewards are calculated)

  • All outcomes are either yes - the goal was achieved - or no - the goal wasn't achieved.

🏁 Progress Updates

  • Send goal updates to your subscribers

  • Share them publicly or in private, just to your close connections

  • Report the outcome of your goal to trigger prize distribution.

  • The goal owner has no financial upside, just the social accountability of having others watching/commenting/betting on their goal.

💜 Meaningful Reactions

  • Use hearts 💜 to support people and give more visibility to good goals, making the feed more interesting for everyone.

  • Reactions are scarce (each user as only 10 free 💜 per week), making them a more meaningful interaction, compared to other social media platforms.

Check the app preview videos on X:

February Goal Lottery: Win $1,000 in $TAL

All public goals with due date set for February 2024, created before Feb 19th, 23:59 and with at least 1 bet will automatically enter a draw of $500 in $TAL.

The 10 users that betted the most between Feb 6th and Feb 19th will enter a second draw of $500 in $TAL. Both draws will take place during our next community call.

$Welcome Bonus

But there’s more! In February we will also double your bets, up to 100 $TAL (valid once per user).

  • if you bet 50 $TAL we add 50 extra $TAL to the bet

  • if you bet 100 $TAL we add 100 extra $TAL to the bet

  • if you bet 200 $TAL we add 100 extra $TAL to the bet

Disclaimer: this bonus can only be used on a bet, it cannot be cashed out or converted to real $TAL later.

Why A Goals App?

We believe this game of goals is interesting for users because:

  1. it’s a fun social betting game to play with friends

  2. it’s useful for growth-driven people, since setting goals can increase your output and performance, and betting money on goals can increases chances by 3x.

But this app is also important for Talent Protocol because:

  1. It will add more short-term utility to $TAL

  2. It will generate more unique and rich reputation data for our users

  3. social betting sits at the intersection of two trends we’re bullish on: prediction markets and decentralized social.

  4. because we want to play this goals game ourselves

Let’s play?

Check some active goals first:

And then signup to create your own goals!

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